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Asit Ghosh UXL
Asit Ghosh

Asit Ghosh is an acclaimed Motivational Trainer, Behavioural Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, NLP Super-master, Success Leadership Coach, Management Consultant and Author who has lead over 1500 national and international seminars and workshops for individuals, institutions and business organizations having touched over 137,000 lives.


The Silver Lining Asit Ghosh

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Featured Testimonials
"Its been highly beneficial and well received by the participants. There have been perceptible changes in the the attitude of the staff."
Pearl Academy of Fashion
"My Experience with UXL PLUSI did my UXL in 1996 and recently completed my UXL-PLUS . It has been a unique experience.It has given me a chance to take -off into a higher life of higher frequency-higher worth. I am now empowering with new Vision, Mission, and Goals."
Practicing CA
All of us have benefitted from your valuable training."
"My Experience with UXL PLUSAfter Correlation with UXL Plus, the world seems two sides apart. One part belongs to those,who are engaged in minor things & spend their life in cobwebs and on the other part, those who look above sky, their world has no sorrow, they believe in brotherhood & feel ecstasy o life and ...
Narender Aggarwal & Co
"My Experience with UXLWell, I never thought these 12 sessions course will change my life to such an extent. Before this course I was not only very confident, communication skills were poor, decision taking ability was not very firm.Beause of all this I used to feel low on confidence and was not ...
LIC agent and Homemaker
"My Experience with UXL PLUSUXL Plus has brought huge change in my life I learnt how to keep patience in any difficult situation. I feel that now I am totally a different man. I am also thankful to UXL+ for giving me so many wonderful friends. now I can take better decision ...
Master Packaging
"His classes have been appreciated and found useful by the participants."
"Seminar was quite informal, educative and moral boosting all the participants, Including myself, enjoyed the programme immensely."
"My Experience with UXL PLUSAfter almost 16 years of my graduation, UXL+ was like a second homecoming for me. It reopened many aspects of my own-self that I had forgotten or left behind, somewhere in my struggles to survive this ocean called LIFE. I am now e-energized, full of hope and optimism for my future. I am ...
Leather Links
"My Experience with UXL PLUSI had taken my Asit Ghosh Leadership Training way back in November, 1996. I also took the Faraq Seminar and Anchors Away Workshop. TheUXL PLUS is a scientifically designed Higher Frequency Leadership Training Course to build a clear picture of VISION of life,development of skill for changing the mental paradigms and ...
Lawyer(Tax Consultant)
"My Experience with UXLBefore joing UXL training programme,I was merely ambitious to achieve my various goals but my inner personality wa not equally developed to achieve my goals. I laced self confidence, fear in public speaking and burdened with false tensions, But the day I joined this programme my personality has been enlightened and self-confidence has ...
L.I.C of India
"MY Experience with UXL PLUSLast year I was looking for a skill enhancement course, but was not sure that exactly do I need,I came to know about Asit’s UXL course through Hindustan Times Ad. I joined the course and realized I actually needed this. UXL course has helped me a lot in dealing with the outer world.I ...
"My Experience with UXL PLUS"I was pleasantly surprises by the depth and breadth of the UXL+program, In such a short period of 12 sessions, this program not only taught me valuable attitudinal skills , But also pushed me outside of my comfort Zone and allowed me to explore new concepts and try new things ...
Jai Durga Plaster Industries
"FARQ is a programme that sheds new light on aspects and elements of human interaction that were hitherto overshadowed neglect or taken for granted."
Indusland Bank
"The courses were widely appreciated. To the best of my knowledge many of our employees are still in touch with Shri Ghosh for their own personal developments."
Indian Airlines Limited
"My Experience with UXLI was thinking before joining UXL that I don't need any personality related training as I was leading my life smoothly. I can't explain in words that how UXL changed me. I find my life has completely changed after doing UXL course. I am a creative person but my energy was scattered in multidimensional engagements.UXL taught me ...
Golden Thought Consultants pvt.Ltd
"Highly inspiring and powerful workshop which as we find left a very positive impact on the participants."
Dharampal Satyapal Limited
"Training program had overwhelming impact on our feild sales force. The Program has been able to motivate and enthuse them into taking up challanges with respect to the organizational and personal goals."
"My Experience with UXL PLUSBefore attending the courses conducted by Asit Ghosh, I have had the general fear coupled with some sort of inferiority complex. Successful people dazzled me by their incredible performances. I wished and wished to reach their level of excellence. I also laboured hard but failed to secure my desired goal. It ...
Freelance Trainer
"My Experience with UXLI feel that UXL course can lead to a much organised, stress free and effective life. But condition is that you have to put 100% effort on the instruction of Trainer, not even 99% effort will give those results. I am undoubtedly sure that result of this course will be amazing and ...
Gateway Inst.of Engg & Tech