A New Education System


The following appeal has been sent to the HRD ministry of India on 29-10-2014

” The best brains of the nation may be found in the last benches of the class-room.” A P J Abdul Kalam

A powerful nation is made of powerful people – and this power lies inside the man. The right education, therefore, should be equipped with a system that help unleash the dormant potential inside the man. However, this is not the case with the prevailing education system of India.

Our system is intrinsically design to encourage the academically brilliants alone. The best schools and colleges don’t invite students who got less

marks in the examination as if they are waste. Those who are highly intelligent are selected for the best jobs. On the flip side, the most
successful people on the earth who lead nations, society and business are not necessarily the most intelligent ones. When the most backward, neglected
and beaten ones come up in life we call them successful.

Our education system promotes competition – this is the basis for fostering jealousies, anger and hatred. At the macro level these are the seeds of anarchy, unrest, violence and even terrorism

The central thing is attitude – something which is far more important than academics. Our education system needs to be ATTITUDE-ORIENTED, DEVELOPMENT-ORIENTED, PRINCIPLE-CENTERED.

I have worked with human development training for nearly three decades and have access to a set of latest powerful methodologies that can help people
discover their hidden talents. Our academically backward students are endowed with great potential and a wise education system which fails to value this truth will in turn continue to deprive our nation of this vast store house of this huge untapped resources.

The education system which I recommend to set up shall be both evolutionary and revolutionary. It should be more practical, first-hand, exposure-based
learning. Life is the greatest teacher. The system I envisage shall be emotionally intelligent where the learners should be offered the environment
to learn together by helping each other so that they feel the reality of our collective existence on this earth. This brand new education system will be
created with first-hand learning inputs from nature, games, music, culture, astronomy, attitudinal development etc. The system of education shall foresee a future society where competition shall be replaced by collaboration or cooperation, selfishness and greed shall be replaced by contribution, sharing and service – a society where winning shall no longer mean being ahead of others, rather winning as a team, society, nation and as a overall human race.

Let’s bring back a modern Takshila and Nalanda on the soil of this great country where we learnt Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.