Another day…


Another day…


Another day…

Asit Ghosh 8 July 2017

Ah! Again, the bell rings

After 66 autumns and springs;

With all pains and gains,

Through 66 summers and rains.

But, what’s in a date of birth?

It’s indeed of little worth.

Look, when’s my real birth-day

I can’t actually say…

Within the womb was my birth

Before being delivered on this earth.

It’s a day the body is born –

So, what’s there to adorn?

You know the Spirit’s alive

Even before the bodies arrive.

So, the date of birth is a lie

For the bodies are born to die.

Please don’t bring gifts my dears

Only for a couple of years

To console this mortal flesh.

For I’m not my dress!

Soiled, cleaned, torn and stitched

The 66th year it reached;

Like calendars replaced and rolled

Am I 66 years old?

No, not this day of past

To remind me, I won’t last

For the other day is a lie

When I was born to die.

But, my birth is in vain

If I’m not born again.

So, only to that day I nod

When I see the kingdom of God.

I don’t know it though

When that moment will show

But, I’m content to wait

For another day to celebrate.