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Asit Ghosh

Are You Hijacked

I know many are, so I alert you. There are two dangerous guys who are still at large out there. They have taken large number of people on hostage. So, please take your guard. There’s one definite way to do that. I shall tell you in the end.

Let’s know more about these two hijackers.

One of these two is “IDNAH”. Idnah is cruel – a very cruel monster. You know how cruel he is? He behaves in a way to make you feel at home – as if he was your friend. But, he will hold you so tight to the place where he wants you to be – if you move, you are gone. He will hypnotize you and make you do everything which is self-destructive.  He is so smart that you will feel great while following his orders.

IDNAH’s closest friend is IDoTA. Both move together and work in tandem. Idotah’s game plan is a bit different. He makes sure that you hate everyone else who are around. He will make sure you may not team-up and over-power him and his friend Idnah. He makes you feel as if you are the Lord and can rule.

Both of them are trained ambassadors of their king. Shhhh… I know the king but I can’t even utter the real name of the king – if they hear, I may be killed. But, I shall only let you know the code name of the king. Let’s know the king as “I”.

I don’t want my friends to fall prey to their trap. So, let me insulate you from their black-magic by making you aware of their real identities.

Listen, IDONAH is the nick-name. The real name of this notorious demon is hidden in his acronym. His full name is: “I DON’T NEED ANY HELP”. Victimized by this demon, you will move with your pseudo vanity, as if you are all powerful and complete. You feel, you can achieve great feats all by yourself.  But then, you will fight a lonely battle and one day realize that yours wasn’t a clever strategy. In the process, you wasted your time, suffered stress and became a loner. Mind you, it’s not your confidence – it’s your over confidence – a thing which doesn’t exist. Over-confidence is tantamount to lack-of-confidence only and you are in that trap. Had you been really confident, you would have thought in another way and think: “Well let me set the order first by myself and then invite a team to work together and carry it out”. But that was not your way. On the contrary, held by IDNAH you learnt to only practice “I DON’T NEED ANY HELP”.

IDNAH’s friend IDoTA is another dangerous monster. His real name is also hidden in that acronym. He is: “I DON’T TRUST ANYONE”. Captured by this wretched demon, you pick up and exercise a dangerous self-ruining belief system – the world is bad; people are bad; they are harmful and good-for-nothing. Can you imagine the results? You bear an obnoxious frown on your forehead all the time. In the extreme level, you are a hater, avoider and may even be angry. You may end up becoming revengeful. I say, you were blindfolded by this hijacker and therefore never saw the reality. The nature teaches understanding, trust and harmony. The rule of the Universe is one of cooperation, collaboration and compatibility. There lies the secret of growth, creativity, productivity and self-fulfillment. But under IDoTA’s hostage you only learnt to practice “IDON’T TRUST ANYONE.

Now, let’s know the background-history of these two hijackers. These two are the loyal ambassadors of their ruthless king EGO. Ego’s popular nickname is “I”. Ego has created these demons and thoroughly brain-washed them. These two absolutely fit the meanings which their names bear. Now they are on the job.

Does it make sense to do something to protect yourself from being their prey? If you take a step to absolutely insulate yourself from the unconscious influence of the above two dangerous and self-destructive behaviors you must GET A COACH.

Your Coach is your solid immunity from all the undesirable onslaughts of this world. Your Coach is not an external guard or ammunition to fight but by way of hiring a Coach in your life you will install a powerful inner armor that will instantly and effectively neutralize every possible attack to distract, defer, demobilize or even destroy your plans and dreams. By neutralize, I don’t mean your Coach will merely give you a few tricks for self-defense or some ammunitions to fight them out. It means, you will learn how to disempower those unwanted forces and empower yourself with new strength, courage and strategies to emerge victorious in your mission. In addition, your Coach will work as a beckon-light of awareness in order for you to be on the track of your goals, vision and fulfilment.

You may still think like most people, it is not obligatory for you to hire a Coach. I do agree it is not but don’t you agree that the other name of life is opportunity? Would you not like to ascertain your success in this life without even an iota of a doubt or risk? Isn’t the time of your life precious, so you must optimize that time by doing only those things that will lead to your fulfilment and not doing the ones that don’t?

If you realize, you were born to create a happy, stress-free, productive, healthy, wealthy and purposeful life, then the right time is now to get a friend who would means business with your life – YOUR COACH.


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