BAPU as I saw him


Written for my dearest friend and a brother Kapil Abrol and his wonderful family on the day of demise of his elder brother Bapu.) bapu

I’m not his relative but I did relate with him in reverence and pure unconditional love. As Kapil is more than abrother to me, I don’t feel I’m an outsider to write these final words to describe some of my genuine feelings about this wonderful gentleman, Bapu.

From day one, he seemed to me a saint. As he was cripple, I compared him as one of our wisest saints Astabakra Muni. In Bapu’s smiles, I saw the great wisdom and simplicity of a realized Rishi. I loved that smile and reciprocation of my Good Mornings that he never deprived me with. That’s all I spoke with him verbally but indeed, we spoke much of our knowing each other by way of a familiar acquaintance and goodwill of last many lives. In addition, I saw a very mature personality, divine vanity and authority of an elder brother in Bapu, though he was a tiny man in his stature.

I told Kapil one day, Bapu has come in your family to absorb every toxin that you guys may unwittingly generate and he will be an embodiment of blessings for each of his siblings. To this, Kapil had nodded abidingly. Another thing has been in my mind which I didn’t share then. Now is the time to share this. Bapu came on this earth only to clear-off some of his minor karmic debts of his past lives because his past records with the divine has been otherwise clean. In that process, God also wanted you to serve him to cleanse yours own debts. The years you guys spent with him was tantamount to your Satsang – time spent with a holy one – divine companionship. The way I saw each one of your wonderful family members taking care of him makes me feel and say that the divine purpose was done.
Look, body is not the last building block of life. Even atoms are not. That idea has been graved after Einstein came in. The human scientists have clearly seen the whole gamut of a barrage of dancing sub-sub-sub- atomic entities which are held by what one can only describe as “NOTHING”.
So Bapu, you and I are all energies. You know, energies can neither be created nor destroyed. We also know, everything is energy at its core-frequency level. You further know, energy can be transformed from one form to the another. Those energies get frozen and tend to become matters, when exercised at the thought level– as bodies – Bapu, Kapil, Sandeep, me or you. Bapu’s‘body-energy’ will only be transformed into another form before 4 pm today – the ‘ash-energy’. This means, Bapu’s energy can never be destroyed.

The last point I must write is about our pain at the moment of a dear one’s departure. Every departure of the soul from one body to another level is primarily for the peace and rest – In more spiritual terms, for preparation for the next journey. So, we must not make that path slippery by our tears. As for Bapu, he was relieved from many things of which his physical sufferings were the least. He was released from his past karma. Therefore, we should all be happy for him.

Finally, Sri Krishna has repeatedly told the disturbed Arjun:
This means:
And the holy sloka that I would like to chant for Bapu is as follows:
prāpyapuṇya-kṛtāḿ lokān
uṣitvāśāśvatīḥ samāḥ
śucīnāḿ śrīmatāḿ gehe
yoga-bhraṣṭo ’bhijāyate
– Bhagavat Geeta 6.41
– मूलश्लोकः


The meaning in English is:
The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.

I wish the Abrol family the deepest peace and blessings of the divine.


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