Customer Delight Marketing Paradise

Customer Delight – The Marketing Paradise!


It is to me the most beautiful thing in the Selling and marketing process and indeed the final step after making the sale. ( I don’t much like ‘closing the sale’ for every good selling to me is about ‘opening’ the doors for more selling.)

I have been very closely following a large number of speakers, coaches and other service providers who promote their products through emails, videos and webinars.

While most of their presentations are generally powerful and effective, I find many of them tend to rush their prospects with substantial price rebates even to the extent of 70% of their regular price if you rush to buy now or within the next 48 hours. Such a desperate selling strategy had an unsavory effect in my own mind and I didn’t feel enough attracted towards such products, services and even the speaker. Interestingly, many of these products were meant for education, personal development and for creating peace, goodwill and healing. On the contrary, their promotional communications delivered a feeling of stress and competition in my mind. I was disturbed and didn’t experience the feeling of delight at the end. I wondered what was the need for creating so much of hurry and hunger in your prospects. Isn’t it true that this desperate selling phenomenon has been solely or mainly responsible for jeopardizing image and glory of the sales profession?

Let me make it clear, I have no aversion for gifts, give-aways or early-birds. What I restrain is the overnight rush, catch-n-run methods.

I think, we have traveled far ahead of this old school of selling. I feel that as sales people we cannot deny our responsibility of create higher values in the society as well as the market place through our selling endeavor. The aspect of Customer Delight comes to be of paramount importance in this context.

I have been imparting sales training for a long time. Prior to that I have learnt from some wonderful sales trainers and have worked as a salesman in some good and not-so-good companies. A few very powerful points learned during my long tenure in the selling career have remained vivid and evergreen in my mind. I practice and teach my selling courses based on these cardinal values:

1. Be a good person, before becoming a good sales-person.

2. Salesmanship has a synonym – Friendship

3.When you have a sales interview with one prospect, perform as if you are already selling to 10 more.

4. You are a smart person if you are able to make your customers your unpaid marketing managers.

5. A satisfied customer talks about their product to 8 persons and an unhappy customer talks to 21 persons. Therefore, a failure to satisfy one customer makes you lose 29 customers every time. (The fire spreads faster than fragrance.)

In a lighter vein, just pause a while and think, I too unintentionally shared my unhappy experiences with all of you but hardly shared the better ones (though I had many).

In case you feel that your sales graph would go down if you practised these values, I can assure you it won’t. If we can make our product more valuable and worthy and learn how to genuinely help our buyer to realise how it serves his needs and wants – they will buy. Good selling is like running a marathon not a 100 meter sprint.

I am sure the soul of customer delight can only breath under such a culture.