1. What is the full form of IAB?
    Integrated Achievement Blueprint
  2. How is IAB delivered? What does the process look like?
    i. First, you will undergo a 12 minute online Behavioral Assessment Process and your Coach will help you to know your core personality and choices in a one-hour session (this also happens to be the first of the 14 one-on-one sessions you will get)
    ii. Next, you will be enrolled in an International video training program and listen to 15 minutes videos daily
    iii. You will undergo online exercises to consolidate your dreams and goals
    iv. You will have exclusive and private one-on-one 14 weekly sessions with your coach on a mutually agreed fixed day and time.
    v. You will also join the weekly Community Group Meetings on the fixed date and time and interact with other participants and alumni.
  3. How can you determine if IAB is right for you?
    i. You will carefully go through the IAB literatures available in our website or ask for it.
    ii. You may ask for a telephoning session with our coach
  4. What are some typical reasons someone might join IAB?
    Most of our alumni have joined considering one or more of the following needs;
    1. I lack Confidence
    2. I’m not Consistent
    3. I lack Clarity
    4. I suffer from Stress
    5. I’ve a strange Fear always
    6. I want to earn Huge Money
    7. I want to Lose Weight
    8. I am not Organized
    9. I’m not Competing well
    10. I need a Guide
    11. I want more Skills
    12. I want to improve Relationship
    13. I cannot Manage my Business
    14. My Goals are not Clear
    15. I’ve a Specific Ambition
  5. How can the success of the IAB process be measured?
    i. You will most likely achieve a couple of goals and breakthroughs during the 14 weeks on account of your participation in IAB
    ii. You will find yourself less stressed and more productive
    iii. You will eliminate most unresourceful habits and preoccupations and become more focused, determined and clearheaded
  6. What is the difference between coaching and counselling?
    Counselling is generally based on certain fixed methods, strategies and available tools and information.
    Coaching is generally based on discovering unique and typical strategies befitting your needs, circumstances, potential and resources.
  7. How Training, Mentoring and Coaching are different?
    See below:

    i. Imparting proven, researched and accurate information
    ii. Pep-up with psychological MOTIVATION
    iii. Like-minded group-benefits

    i. Learning first-hand from an expert
    ii. Hand-holding
    iii. Imbibing exact skills

    i. Discovering innate talents
    ii. Paradigm shift/ WOW
    iii. Expert participation in personal growth
    iv. Specific results – GOALS
    v. Sustained habits

  8. Is IAB appropriate for me?
    Before the Coaching begins, your coach will assess your Adaptability Quotient and guide you suitably on this. Rest assured, only after we find you are ready, you will start.
  9. Do I have to practice or complete any task?
    There are no formal tasks as such in IAB but you will track your weekly progress on a self-motivated basis.
  10. What happens if I miss a session?
    If you inform in advance we shall reschedule the session or else you lose that session.
  11. Can I ask for a face-to-face session?
    Yes, you can.
  12. Can I join the sessions in my smart phone?
    Check your bandwidth. You can.
  13. Can I take other coaching, training or developmental programs along with IAB?
    Declare clearly if any are currently running before you begin IAB. In case you need additional specialist guidance, your IAB Coach will advise. You have certain offers that interest you, discuss with your IAB Coach first.
  14. Can I join the course with my spouse?
    You can but your individual sessions will be separate.
  15. Are the Group sessions compulsory?
    Treat it that way please.
  16. Will the personal and professional information I share through the IAB Program be kept confidential?
  17. I’m interested or need more information – how do I get in touch?
    Just mail or call.