forge ahead

Forge Ahead with Redefined Quality


How many of you want to achieve big things in life; I knew all of you will raise your hands. But, just a moment ….. how many of you are taking the small necessary step that you need to take in order to achieve that big thing in your life. Most of us are not. Our minds are filled with big dreams. We all want to be big. We all want to be successful. We may even want to be the president of India or the United States of America. But, what are we doing about it is the question we need to ask ourselves right now. Unfortunately, we all are primarily created with our visions outwards and that’s why we all want to be big on the basis of the parameters that exist outside of us. We as if stretch a scale from us into the world out there and tend to measure our progress and growth compared to other folks. However, most of our ambitions, our dreams, our aspirations remain unaccomplished.

Let me tell you a better, in fact a sure-fire way, to achieve great feats in life in case you are serious about achieving them. Having a big dream is alright but we got to make sure that we make a small step forward in that direction – just a small little step and then step by step. That’s not all. We got to draw a proper and plausible action plan and regularly track our progress from time to time until one day our big mission is achieved. I have often seen that this way the dreams have often been superseded. You achieve even more and feel empowered to strike a few bigger and worthier dreams.

Our program FARQ, which is an Urdu word means ‘making a small difference’. This acronym FARQ is expanded as Forge Ahead with Redefined Quality. FARQ inspires you to make a little difference in our attitude – the small little difference in your way of thinking that you really need to make in order to achieve your big dreams.

Think about an aircraft which has just taken off and its compass is set for a particular destination. If this setting is deflected by just one degree, will the aircraft land at the preset destination? In this case, the destination is going to be altogether a different place. Do you get the point? A small difference now can indeed create a massive change in our life; All our achievements, successes and fulfillments in life, more often than not, depends on the small little differences in our beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and actions that we choose to make today in our personal , professional, social and family lives. These simple yet crucial small steps of change actually ascertain our phenomenal growth, prosperity and achievements. These small differences can even be so insignificant that we often tend to ignore them. We rather remain preoccupied with our bigger dreams and expectations in future and therefore, we hardly focus on the small little changes – the FARQ, we need to initiate today.

Please focus on the three sequential letters of the English alphabets: P,Q and R. P stands for Productivity, Q for Quality, and R for Relationship. Not overall company productivity, organisational productivity or business productivity, FARQ program is aimed at creating an awareness about individual productivity, individual quality and individual relationship in the course participants.

Any big business, institution or organisation can be compared with a big building. The building has couple of floors; each floor has rooms, each room has walls around them and inside each wall you have a whole lot of small bricks. The floors are like the departments, the walls are sections or units under the departments and the individual employees are like those small bricks. Can the overall productivity and quality of a company be achieved by ignoring the individual productivity and quality of the employees? Most certainly the overall strength of any beautiful palace essentially rests on the strength of those little bricks. Thus the FARQ program, is useful and effective for both the individual and organisation – like they say, you take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself, I love saying: ‘you take care of the individual productivity and the company productivity will take care of itself’.

FARQ doesn’t stop here by providing this important knowledge and information about the individual P, Q & R. It inspires the course participants by providing absolutely certain ways and means to develop and practice them as a habit. The program is scientifically designed. It has powerful psychological techniques and methods to create a paradigm shift in the mental attitudes and behaviour of the course participants. The aim of the program is to motivate, convince and empower the participants to review their own values and imbibe a few new ones in order to become inspired to start the next day of work with a greater zeal and enthusiasm. They are trained to inculcate 3 definite work-attitudes in their personal and professional lives. These are:




Enriched with real-life examples, anecdotes, exercises, interactions and demonstrations the course participants are enabled to feel how such improvements in their ways are valuable and essential not only in the context of their assigned work-roles but also in their personal lives. FARQ has inevitably left a mark of goodwill in the lives of thousands of participants who have benefitted from this program in the past.

The actual workshop-inputs comprising within the FARQ program are designed to touch other two important practical aspects of the lives of the course participants: ROLES & GOALS. The course participants are helped to break away from the limits of their tunnel thinking modes and see their lives with new possibilities. A host of interdepartmental and family conflicts are reported to have been resolved and the course participants are spontaneously and voluntarily inspired to live a life of greater worth and values.

FARQ (or Forge Ahead with Redefined Quality) will help the participant to discover their hidden talents, possibilities, creativity and enthusiasm and discover their external and internal resources which they had so far overlooked. Like a beautiful shower after a scorching summer day, the FARQ program can wash away the doubts, frustrations, inhibitions, complacencies and even frustrations and bring back the hope of living a more exciting and integrated life.

The organisations or institutions that have invested in FARQ for the members of their team have all remarkably benefitted by setting up a more meaningful work cultures and goodwill for their internal and external customers. The individuals who have invested or were nominated in this program have registered its permanent imprint and impact in their lives.