From Emotion to Devotion

emo devo
June 18, 2017


Here are the two levels of evolution. It is interesting to see how our perspectives change when we ascend to the higher level of evolution.

I experienced this recently when one of my young friends made a comment about our Holi God Sri Ram. I’d sent her one of my very favorite devotional songs on Sri Ram written by the Divine poet and writer of Ramcharitmanas, Tulshidasji. This friend of mine returned me another Video-chanting on Lord Buddha’s Buddham Sharanam Gachchami with her remark that she doesn’t like Sri Ram because He had put His Holi wife Seeta to fire-test and cruelly abandoned her only to please His subjects. In fact, I’d heard similar sentiments expressed by a host of ladies in the past also.

As I reflected on this, a striking realization dawned on me and this is what I want to share with you all today.

At our mundane level of reality, we operate on what we call, ‘EMOTION’. This is the level, where most of us are critical, analytical and judgmental on almost everything around us. Why? Because, at this level, we are victims of Ego. Ego prompts us to divide, judge, attack, protest, compete, regret, complain, discriminate, condemn, analyze, fragment, compare and disintegrate our perception and vision. At this level, we look at everything as isolated entities – distinct and different from us and each other. All our choices, opinions and verdicts, therefore, tend to become distorted, impaired prejudiced, conditioned and relative. This is the bone of contention of all conflicts, differences, separation, indifference, anger and frustration. At more intense level, it is the real cause of our greater miseries, calamities, diseases, sufferings and massive ecological disharmony. The sole reason for all this is our identification with ego. All our expressions at this level manifest as EMOTIONS. Mark the first letter in the word EMOTION – ‘E’. This ‘E’ represents Ego. When the Ego is in motion it is Emotion. From this level, we cannot but cast our judgements and opinions on everything based on our egoistic, divisive, classified and hierarchical outlook.

As we ascend in our journey and begin abiding in the upper-story – the higher self, our view point changes. Just the way, everything below looks more integrated and as if they were just one single unit, when we look at the earth from a higher plane. At this level, you have adequately released your mind from the grip of Ego and erased the stains of those vested and vindictive opinions of the erstwhile realm of EMOTION. Something unique happens at this higher level. At the lower level, you wore the stained glass of the ego. But, now you are entitled to draw the Divine Inspiration and Blessings directly from the Divinity. So, at this level of higher evolutionary state Ego-in-motion or “EMOTION” will be changed as Divinity-in-motion or “DEVOTION”.

EMOTION to DEVOTION is this pristine journey of TRANSFORMATION.

With your Ego-in-motion, you found Sri Ram to be a cruel man, who was so must unjust to unduly punish His innocent wife Seeta. While at your Devotion-in-motion level, you will be serenely amused by such prejudiced and irrational judgement by the ego-stricken men, who once in past forgot the very sanctity of Goddess Seeta to demand such obnoxious justice from their ever-kind, people-lover God-king Ram, who smilingly endured the pain of the torture He rendered upon His dearest wife knowing fully well that She’s the purest of the pure, only to please His men who will later understand their error of misjudging their sacred Goddess.

The so-called ‘emotional man’ is unable to believe that Ram, Seeta, Christ, Mohammed, Buddha though born in human shape, are not mortals like any ego-stricken mundane men or women. They are alike painless, deathless, Beings. They just descend on the soil of earth to play their Divine-game (Leela), only to awaken the deluded Souls that had temporarily forgotten their Pure Essence of Reality likened to God Himself.

The truth is, you learn to acclaim this ego-free wisdom of reality, only when you ascend to your higher spiritual self from the mundane lev