Global Academy of Leadership & Excellence: A Proposal

Academic Brilliance can not be the only criterion for measuring aspects like talent, leadership, effectiveness, productivity and success However, the irony is, good marks in the examination continue to be the sole parameter for gaining the most important business, administrative and other positions of authority. Take the statistics of all the successful people in the industry and business and you will not hesitate to agree, most of them have excelled by dint of qualities beyond the so-called academic distinction. In spite of this, the educational institutions in India, unfortunately, continue to hover around the academic domain with more or less a theoretical perspective.
Evidently, there is a want of leadership at the very core of the academia for appreciating this paramount lacuna much less thinking of bringing about any dynamic change in our systems. It is high time we began thinking on a more proactive manner on this rather important issue.It is on this premise that I am keen to establish the pioneering legacy of a Global Academy of Excellence and Leadership. This exclusive academy will essentially bear the culture of developing the leadership potential in people from different walks of life (without any bias about their academic achievements). A host of exposure-based practical syllabi will be drawn for people of different age groups in order to establish them simultaneously as leaders and excellent human beings. Once such trained leaders take up significant roles in business, administration and elsewhere, I am sure, we too would have played our part in building a stronger nation. We shall prove, even students with mediocre marks in the examinations can lead the affairs of the world. My concept is creating TOPPER- Train Ordinary People To Produce Extra-ordinary Results.

We have the technology and expertise to run this pioneering academy and, as such, are looking for a corporate participation for financial and infrastructure support. The overall investment is likely to be around Rs.30 Crores and the breakeven is possible in 3 years including gestation. I hope the above write-up will suffice for the time being.