Humanity – A True Incidence

Bansal Medicos, a local chemist shop has been supplying medicines for my mother since we are staying here in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. My mother directly calls Bansal, the proprietor on phone and he sends medicines immidiately at our door-step. He receives my mother’s calls polititely and addresses my mother as Mamma. As we are now shifting away from Delhi, my mother had casually informed Bansal’s cycle-boy about our departure when he came to deliver medicines.A few days later, Bansal called my mother sounding deeply upset.
He said, he was very sad since he heard that his mamma was to leave Delhi for good and he won’t hear his mamma’s kindly voice from the next month. He kept requesting my (his?) mother not to leave and also offered his help for finding another house for us. However, he was finally convinced that we were certain to leave.Yesturday morning, when I was away to Chandigarh for my work, Bansal visited our place with a small gift for my mother and said that he will miss my (his?) mamma always.
Incidentally, this was the first occasion, when my mother had met this son of her’s called Bansal and, also, her son Bansal met his mother called Mrs. Bibha Ghosh. The irony is, I have still not met this brother of mine called Bansal.I was deeply inspired by seeing this brilliant ray of humanity peeping out through the dark clouds of hopelessness threatening our society. How true it is that best relationships don’t always thrive under the brick-roofs; some, of course, flourish under the blue sky.