I Am A Learner


“If you have to attain formidable heights in life, the first necessity is to be unattached with your own thoughts, ideas and even your own personality. That is the first step in order to begin thinking in a new way. Further, if you can change your ways of thinking and feelings, you will be ready for changing your life and future”

I humbly affirm as follows:

The best quality of a learner is to become humble and surrender.I don’t easily feel insulted by how the other person behaves with me or what they talk. Actually, none can insult me unless I allow myself to be insulted. I see, watch, learn about the message others give by the way they deal with me and more importantly how I am receiving those messages. That is the only thing which is important for me, or else I would tend to become a victim rather than a learner.

What I speak through my mouth has little relevance compared to how I feel inside of myself. I may be very humble in my words but if I am unhappy and am unable to censor the inner dialogues going on inside my head, I shall inevitably and unconsciously bring those vibrations out of myself and spread the same in the air around me. Interestingly, these unpleasant or unhappy vibrations will spread, spread and spread and wreak havoc in my life. Because, I shall attract similar vibrations back into my own life. It is therefore absolutely mandatory for myself to learn and practice ‘pratyahaar” – not to judge others. When others are arrogant and obnoxious towards me, its not easy not to judge them. But, if we are alert and are committed to learn and grow then it is not very difficult also. By practice I can harness this beautiful trait. Let me learn to see people as people, the world as a world – they are going to be the way they are. If I am really willing to change them, the first target has got to be my own self. That ‘s the beginning point – the fulcrum – the pivot.

So I vow to come back to my work every morning by shedding away all my garbage of yesterday. I want to feel grateful for whatever is happening. These are the gifts coming to my life for the resolve I took to be a teacher. We need learning teachers. So, I want to constantly learn, not only from my human teachers but from my incidence teachers, environment teachers, pain teachers, embarrassment teachers, frustration teachers, failure teachers, joy teachers, achievement teachers – the list indeed would be endless! All this combines together to define what LIFE, the greatest of all teachers, is all about.

I welcome all that has happened and is happening in my life and am eagerly learning from those. Unless, there was some purpose, we won’t meet as colleagues, relatives, friends, partners and associates and be around them. My own gains, if at all, are just the byproducts of how the Universe is evolving. those are my PRASHAD ( Providenced Reward After Serving Humanity As Divinity), but, I know for sure, there is no loss in the process of this learning.

I won’t lose faith so easily but I want to grow at my own pace – rather than going back, I shall go forward. I shall be alert in watching and observing how I am responding to the opportunities that nature is providing me and those signals shall be my inputs to determine my steps to guiding myself and others in the mutual roles we have in each other’s life.