In Light Of Another Fading Celebration! -Asit Ghosh





I trust in the spirit of true leadership that effectively supersedes corporate leadership, economic leadership or political leadership and the rest. We have seen how the massive economic land slide witnessed the whole bunch of World Economists helplessly sucking their thumbs (many of them eventually raised their heads to right articles and books on the pros & cons of the episodes immediately thereafter). To me Md. Yunus has been the model of a true leader who actually transcended his role of a Professor of Economics and evinced the hardcore realities of the economic failures by his real-life work.

Likewise, I strongly believe that Nitish’s smart strategy of collaborating with a noted selfish and greedy thief (and Joker!) will most inevitably both indignify and fail him apart from proving once again the rude fact that we Indians are the exemplified bunch of emotional fools in exercising our mandates (there seems to some truth in the popular anecdote that ‘we believe in God because the country is still running!’).

‘Honesty has no further interpretation. Truth is a TRUTH is a TRUTH. You can’t reach the right room entering through a wrong door!’

No political party except a true dedicated leader can save this country – no Modi, No Kejriwal, no Nitish Kumar. I counted on Anna but Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi team, in their restless impatience, had betrayed him. We need a leader of dedication, sacrifice and above all die-hard commitment. That blood seems to have been contaminated. I’m not a skeptic but even discussing & reflecting on such episodes to me are either waste of time or at best an exercise for personal literary satisfaction.

No offence intended to any of my friends.