Jesus Christ – The Life, The Message


The life of Jesus Christ itself is a message. He showered love unto those that hardly deserved. He did not just shower his sympathies to the unfortunate but He actually acted with true empathy.

When I feel this, I become restrained with my words. Most words of sympathy and concern are not only idealistic but idle too. The real goodness lies in doing good work rather than saying good words. We can flood the space of the modern social media by writing words of concern on a contemporary issue of human cruelty and barbarism etc. and feel as if we have raised an awareness against such evil and proved, subtly to ourselves, that we are not actually so much iinert and irresponsible. However, to me, all this are quite inadequate and of little worth. Processions and awareness campaigns can only arouse mass anger, protest and rebel or at best repair a few rules and laws to restore temporary peace. Those are not solutions for the source of the evil is not out there at that point where it is being rendered. They are in the minds – not only of the individual evil maker but in the collective minds of the mass of which he has been a part. It must have been somewhere there in our culture, education and preachings and, of course, hidden in the processes those are promoted, cultivated and practised. All the laws were created not before but after the evil was done. Laws of the human courts are not the products of imagination of any possible evil. Thus, if evils were to be reduced, we got to get hold of then right at the point they are about to breed by insulating the minds from their invasion.

What we learn from the life and work of Jesus Christ? Do we learn how to protest against the evil or how to attain the spirit of compassion or awakening – the levels that are inaccessible for the evil ideas to harbour. The right solution of all social evils and wrongs lies in the work of arousal of a collective mind of compassion. To me, RELIGION is nothing but Realising the Region of Oneness for all – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the Universe is my Family.

I am not naive to say there should not be any protest against the evil. Neither am I advocating that there should not be any effort to catch the evil maker and deal with them strongly but the Holy Son Of God came on this earth not to teach us how to and how much to punish. He taught us how to be empowered by LOVE. His message in every nook and corner invites us to LIGHT not darkness. Not fire, but LIGHT! Those that are spreading and acting with such ruthless vengeance in the name of RELIGION are just a bunch of mislead human beings who have no remotest connection with divine law of spiritual oneness spoken so strongly by Jesus Christ.

In the wake of Holy Christmas, let us rise with greater RESPONSE-ABILITY to work for creating a society of people who are AWAKENED with a SPIRIT OF SPIRITUAL ONENESS OF MANKIND. Our central objective of all our mass awareness campaigns needs to be redefined for setting up a new Social, Cultural and Educational methods and systems that are based on ONENESS, HARMONY, EQUALITY, UNDERSTANDING, PEACE and EMPATHY. Accordingly, aspects of selfishness, greed, completion, superiority, indifference and disparity may be abolished from their domains. Let us foster a culture of Leadership by Practitioners – of people who are willing to set examples as Change-makers – by walking rather than talking.