Know Yourself


IAB Asit Ghosh



-Asit Ghosh

“Know thyself” – said Plato. And, this is Ultimate Wisdom!

Yes, everything starts with you. If you know who you are you won’t pick up anything that’s not right for you. Consequently, if you are aware about who you are and know what you want, most likely you will both choose the right thing and be in charge of those choices.

So, my first point is: “Know yourself”.

Next, you are busy – loaded with tasks and errands.  You often thought about a live retreat – a break from monotony or a real energy enhancement program in the hills but were compelled to defer it. The need, however, continued to haunt you more when life became tougher and demanding.

So, note my second point: you need a solution that is easily accessible to you.

Finally, how often you wished to have someone wise, experienced and reliable to hold your hand – one who you can trust; will be understanding, friendly and clearheaded?

Well my name is Asit. With nearly three decades in freelance coaching, training, and consultancy, I’ve assisted thousands who have shared their similar pain areas with me.

On my part, it’s time for me to pull out the right tool-kit to offer a unique, effective and exciting solution – complete to meet all your expectations from yourself.

Let me take this opportunity to invite you to experience IAB*

(Integrated Achievement Blueprint) – a never-before personal development campaign created by integrating world’s three highly powerful and proven methodologies combined to meet all your needs and conveniences.

Come gain all the extra edges you need to acclaim a glorious life.