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Good Morning & Namaskar.
Today 30th June 2017

I missed my daily morning adventure in my woody-green nature-park today. Instead, enjoying the pattering drum-beats of the rain-drops on the extended metal shed behind my home.

Thankfully, nature ensures that I don’t have to starve for the inspiring morning ideas and thoughts for sharing with you.

So, here’s my topic today:


Lest, I may not mislead you about the real purpose of this discussion, I must clarify a few things at the outset.
The discussion is not aimed at highlighting the importance control element of any management process. Rather, my intent is to emphasize how CONTROL, in its essence, was an OPPOSITE theme of MANAGEMENT.

Hence the ideal title of the topic should be


A few management experts may blink at this statement and ask:

What do you mean? How you can look at ‘control’ as a contravening aspect of the ‘management’ process? Don’t you agree, the basic objective of management is to make sure that you DON’T have to go out-of-control?

Yes, sure I do agree to that.

The point I want to drive home here is, CONTROL, in its right perspective, needs to be an internal phenomenon. You ONLY need to control your own emotions and guide your own thoughts, ideas and decisions for doing the right thing. When we attempt to describe the otherwise essential management aspects of checks, brakes and supervisions as CONTROL, that would tend to become an interpretation. I’ve placed this very attitude of CONTROL in direct opposition to MANAGEMENT in the scope of my discussion.

Think carefully; every external control mechanism starts with the man. We create a whole lot of control tools and towers only to ensure that things flow in the right direction. Those tools are systems created by humans based on their principles to get the right results.

This is absolutely fine. These are external systems developed by way of internal Control- consciousness of mankind.

But, here I’m looking at CONTROL from the behavioral view-point, where most people bear an attitude of controlling other people and situations to attain their objectives rather than being able to manage.

In this discussion, you are invited to evaluate the results of controlling vis-à-vis managing people and situation in this light.

That said, I need to clarify that my own understanding of the term ‘managing people’ is about ‘managing their work and roles’ rather than ‘people’ per se. People are energies and the term management is meant to indicate the skill or skills to streamline their energies for optimum results.

Thus, the basic frame-work of my discussion which I’m about to begin can be summarized in the following two parameters:

The right attitude of ‘Control’ is only about practicing control on your own thoughts, ideas and perspectives in order to obtain genuine results and NOT about exercising control on other people and things.

Management is the art of optimizing people’s work and resources for getting right results.

Now, that I’ve clarified the backdrop of my Topic MANGEMENT vs CONTROL, let’s dive right in…

First, let me ask you; do you agree, we all experience both achievements and failures in our lives?

Hope you do.

Now, get ready to do a little work with a pen and paper.


So, here we go:

Please fold the paper vertically from the center to create two compartments on the left and right.

Now, write the subject headline: ‘Achievements’ on the top of the left compartment.

And, write, ‘Failures’ on the right side.

Now make a checklist of the few most ‘deserved achievements’ of your life below the headline on the left.

Also make a checklist of those few ‘unpleasant results’ you got below the headline in the right side.

Now, just go through your list on the left one by one. Ask yourself the real reason for your happy achievements. Would you attain any of these by way of controlling others? Neither would you have achieved so much all by yourself; you most certainly needed other people’s help, support and co-operation. That’s not all, you do cherish those achievements with gratitude; don’t you? When others appreciated your work and the quality, purpose, dedication and kindness you had put in, they were happy to give you their best help and support. Management is all about this.

Similarly, when you look at your list on your right, what feelings come up? What is the root cause of your frustration, regret or pain? Most likely, you will see that those failures were the results of your over-expectation, over-ambition or perfectionism. Were you restless and agonized often? How many times did you complain to one and all:


You perhaps wanted to control everything and got stressed, agenized and restless in the process. Check, how often were you wondered: “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?”

I’ve found through my own experience and the experience of a host of others who were close to me, the ONLY factor which lies in the core of every over-expectation, over-ambition, competition and perfectionism is more often than not this attitude of “CONTROLLING OTHERS”. At the ultimate level, the results of this are disaster, violence, disharmony and war.

When you want to attain results by way of CONTROL, here are the FIVE methods you would employ:




Compromise and,

Maximize (maximizing your own gains).

And the most likely results of this are:



Demotivation and,


On the contrary, when you institute Management as your order, you will employ the following five strategies and goals:




Supervise and,


Results are, of course:





Goodwill and,


Some will still protest, ‘aren’t talking about a dead world of dampened spirit? Don’t you think, there cannot be any progress and prosperity unless there was fire? Will the spacecraft break the barriers of gravitation without firing the fuels’?

Yes, that’s a reality. But, don’t you see that the fire is at the back of the spacecraft and not in the front. What does it mean? The message is: you fire your past and burn your lethargy, doubts, anger, jealousy, frustrations and other negativities as your fuel. All these are born of the past only. If you do this, you will soar high in the wide-open sky of FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, JOY and TRUST.

Never doubt this fact: if you learn to manage your resources – both human and others without controlling them, there won’t ever be any dearth of prosperity and growth.

And the icing in the cake is your happy and fulfilled life.

Wish you a great week ahead.