My Dream Attitudinal Institution


A comprehensive paper on the educational projects under our NGO


We all have learnt, “Knowledge is power”. But, ‘power’ in itself is an incomplete phenomenon for it needs yet another driving force to streamline knowledge. Therefore, ‘Knowledge’ being the very source of ‘power’, is also not a conclusive idea. What is it that directs this knowledge vis-à-vis power to their inevitable consequence? This driving force is what we call attitude – the quality and direction of a man’s thought process. It is most ironical that our system of education has been slower in appreciating this fact than keeping pace with the so-called modernization.

What is the result? On one hand, our society has moved far ahead in terms of creating a world of apparent conveniences, while on the other, desperation to gain control over those conveniences has almost become an order of our existence. No wonder, success in today’s context only means gaining prominence over others. Indeed, most of us have surrendered to this strange order of disintegrated co-existence.

The selection and the evaluation parameters, and alongside, the recognition and reward systems within our given education model tend to rely, almost exclusively, on the level of knowledge gained by the students. This process continues throughout his educational period and until he transits into professional career. Mind you, his achievements and success, does not any more depend upon his academic excellence – it rather does on his attitude. The irony is, despite being by far the most important denominator of his ultimate achievements, the aspect of developing his attitude is left to him. In the absence of any formal and syndicated training on attitude, he will let his mind be conditioned and influence by his surroundings. Under the prevailing scenario, it is only obvious that most new entrants into the life’s league will acclaim the self-directed pursuits of life.
Knowledge is power, attitude
is direction; unless directed
to serve, power is only
consumed for self.

The subject of attitude is not new; rather many institutions and business houses do maintain this faculty amidst their other educational and developmental schemes. This department is commonly referred as personality development, behavioural training or soft skills. However, its purpose and role is limited to helping the students look more impressive, more confidant, and effective. In fact, the aspect of attitudinal training and development has a much broader perspective and potential than these.

A good academic education can, at best, deliver a host of highly intelligent and skilled leaders to business, profession, politics or else where. But, if we can syndicate a new attitude-based academic model as a comprehensive regimen in our educational curricula then only shall we have a socially responsible band of progressive leaders in different fields of practice. These leaders will function with a consistent mindset of ‘service before self’ rather than ‘self before service’ – you bet, our world will be a much better place!

The purpose of education was not to create leaders of self-significance, but of social significance


ARATI is a pioneering social enterprise perhaps the first of its kind with the wholesome objective of creating leaders of social significance. It is the foundation stone of a man’s dream. Impelled by his determination to find some meaningful ways of building a positive world of more socially conscious and responsible people, he relentlessly studied the most intricate aspects about people and society. He was soon more than convinced that human attitudes had by far the most vital and crucial role in this case. He spontaneously saw this astounding fact in the light of his own hands-on experience of years in training and motivating thousands of people from almost all walks of life. It was right then, when the idea of creating a socially driven model attitudinal institution struck his mind. With deeper contemplation and research this embryonic idea was finally germinated as ARATI.

This unique vision was shared with some selected group of like-minded individuals, who in their own rights have been human beings of exceptionally rare worth and character. Apart from having attained a revered slot in their own profession and practice, each of them subscribed to the philosophy of contribution in the lives of fellow human beings.

With this synergic collaboration of this committed set of people, ARATI (Attitudinal research And Training Institution) was registered as a trust.


To develop an effective attitude-based education system, institutionalize it and finally establish a new, pioneering, time tested, research-based education model.


To build an institution to

i. Create, develop, promote, prescribe and train a host of adaptable, authentic, research-based, standard and segment specific attitudinal development systems, programmes, literatures and modules for people of different age groups, class, status, sex, community, profession, religion etc,
ii. Regularly train, develop and deliver a number of real-life leaders who, as socially responsible role models, will practice in different fields in the society.
iii. Establish, promote, manage and run a network of socially dedicated model establishments, organizations and institutions for upliftment of the underprivileged members of the society.


To be a discernible catalyst for making ‘development of attitude’ an essential, integral and syndicated entity of every educational curriculum.


There may be a few obvious questions, why establish such an institution, what special things are we going to do here and how? To answer these questions, we have to consider some basic, yet rather overlooked facts about the human personality.

1. Why ARATI?

The word personality can be effectively understood as a unification of two very meaningful words – persona and reality. Persona means mask. Therefore, in essence, persona indicates only the outer, visible, manipulative, projective and behavioral aspect of one’s personality. However, the other part reality, indeed has a more crucial bearing in the over all contexts of life. Reality, as it suggests, represents one’s inner nature, core values, attitudes and character. All these constitute the invisible part of the personality. Why reality is meant to represent the more significant aspect of the human personality is not difficult to appreciate. In fact, the character of a man is most responsible for establishing his sustainable image and creates his destiny in this world.

“My life is my message”

The role of education is to build the over all personality of a man. We want to term this as Integral Personality. The present education system is primarily aimed at building the outer persona and contributes little towards developing the inner faculties i.e. the real character of the learner. As a matter of fact, the manner of imparting all knowledge and skills and the way those are imbibed by the learner, evaluated by the teacher, rewarded by the institution and implemented in the work-place have together contributed in creating an environment of self-gain, self-importance and personal pride in our culture. This fallacious model is primarily responsible for causing so much disharmony, unrest, war and terror in this world. The powers of money, affluence and authority have failed to sustain equality, peace, sharing, and tolerance, which constitute the very essential fiber of humanity. We are convinced that creating a new, scientific, revolutionary, and effective education model is the only pragmatic solution to the crises facing the future civilization of the human kind. The mission of ARATI is, therefore, to build this integral personality through a new research based module and setting up a model institution where this education system is implemented first hand.

: The words of Socrates:

“Wealth, I said, and poverty;
one is parent of luxury and indolence and
other of meanness and viciousness, and both of discontent”

… Plato, The Republic, IV, 421 B

What is an Integral Personality of a man can be very well comprehended from the words of a profound scholar and educationist per excellence and ex-President of India:
“The truly great men are not the men of wealth, of possession, not men who gain name and fame, but those who testify to the truth in them and refuse to compromise whatever the cost. They are determined to do what they consider to be right. We may punish their bodies, refuse them comforts, but we cannot buy their souls, we cannot break their spirits. Whoever possesses this invulnerability of spirit even to a little extent deserves our admiration”.
…S. Radhakrishnan, Ex- President of India

What will we do under the ARATI’s Educational Projects?

The ARATI’s developmental projects are unique and pioneering. It will primarily consist of three integrated yet independent projects. These are:

i) BUDS: (Bring Up and Develop Saplings): This will be a project for promoting Foster Parenting Homes. This unit of ARATI will launch and promote an awareness campaign for motivating parents to adopt one or two child/children as a foster parent. A proper psychologically proven system of selection, training, monitoring system for both the foster parents and children will be manualized. A captive training centre will be installed in the project campus. BUDS will directly manage a model foster home and simultaneously oversee the functions of many foster homes spread all over in different territories. These foster homes will be referred as BUDS homes, the foster parents as BUDS-PARENTS and the foster children as BUDS.

ii) BLOSSOM: (Building Leaders Of Social Significance out of Offsprings of Motherland): A special attitude based residential developmental school for the children will be set up in the project campus. Here, a new research based educational model will be developed primarily for training the children from the under privileged background. These children will be trained with the sole objective of being trained as true leaders, the need based academic education will be imparted through open school education with out any compromise in quality guidance for developing their attitude and intellect. The school will be up to higher secondary level.

iii) BOUQUET: (Bringing Out Unique Qualities Using Ethical Training): This will be a unique state-of-the-art training resort for the executives from the industries and the corporate organizations. A top class residential training facilities will be installed in the campus. All proceeds from BOUQUET will be used for BLOSSOM.

iv) SEAL: (School of Excellence Attitude and Leadership): This will be a residential training school for the students and youth situated at a rural place. The primary aim of the school will be to conduct leadership, personality development and other soft skill training courses. There will be two wings of this project.

1. TOPPER(Training Ordinary Students for Producing Extra-ordinary Results): Here, courses for the academically average and economically weak students will be conducted for empowering them to achieve greater feats in their lives. These courses will be conducted at highly affordable fees and will be sponsored by corporate houses, individuals and agencies.
2. UXL (You Excel): Here high profile training for affluent students will be conducted proceeds whereof will be spent for other projects of ARATI.