My New Prayer!


Today, I discovered my new prayer! Today, I feel (I admit, this feeling is yet to culminate into a complete realisation!) I must transmute all my thwarted worldly desires into love. Because it is these desires that stand as towering obstacles to my dating with The Lord. On the flip side, these obstacles are themselves the very testimony of His ‘Divine Playmanship’ (the leela). He has been knitting the numerous movies and stories of my life only through the strings of my desires and is viewing and listening the same being in oblivion.

Let me thus compose my new prayer-song from the elements of this new inspiration that has dawned upon the surface of my consciousness today. Actually, my life so far has only been a suspended space between the two longings – the inevitable field of separation between my Creator and myself. Now, bridging this lingering gap should become my impetuous new prayer – the crying call of my soul!

How shall I transform all my dissipated and squandered pieces of desires into this new form of prayer?

That gap or suspended space happens to be the substratum of His love. It is He who has also created that stage (for us to play our respective roles in the life-drama) to enable us to feel His constant presence – to let us realise the essence of our eternal unison with Him. Our joys, sorrows, gains and losses of all kinds, experienced through ages and eons, are but the messengers carrying the message only to awaken us from the realm of those ephemeral desires right into the lap of His loving presence. Today’s awakening invites me to dissolve all these so called mundane desires in the spirit of LOVE – the undying, undivided and unified spirit in which I am readily interspersed with my Creator.

To break the age-old bond of earthly desires are far from easy – so is any new birth for that matter. You need to put in enough toil, devotion, pains, patience, tolerance and, of course, tears before you attain your entitled glory. All these put together is what we call ‘prayer’. It is different from those mundane desire-based cravings for here you dwell ‘on love’ and ‘for LOVE’. Desires in their very definition is tantamount to hunger, insufficiency, inadequacy, incompleteness. When love is divided, desires are born and when love happens all desires dissolve like sugar-crystals in water. As all things on this earth are born of desires, which are in their essence disconnected, separated and isolated parts, therefore their offspring can hardly be full, wholesome and complete – they are broken, distorted, inconsistent in their core. Fortunately, these phenomena are nothing but a pseudo perception of the reality – our ever-unified, ever-connected, ever-shining existence where we are inseparable entities of our Source.

Let this newly discovered prayer of mine arouse my soul today to unleash the latent love from within myself and thereby spontaneously allow the shining brilliance of DIVINE LOVE to manifest ITSELF through all the minute pores of my life’s experiences.