Plug Out & Leave a Hole?

Don’t reduce the scope of creativity to only problem solving or business/war strategies.There are a great lot more to it.In fact, true creativity hardly solves a problem but only creates an atmosphere that is free from problems.
The craetivity that is meant for solving a problem will in turn leave options for many more to follow. You won’t ever doubt this when you look out to see the booming world of the IT.
By easying out many business and communication hazards on one hand, the cell phones, internets, cybers and digitals, on the other hand have caused as well as facilitated multitudes off fatal diseases apart from aggravating disaster, terrorism, corruption, violation of law and degradation of values.
There are as many secururity devices as the weapons to kill in this world.
We keep rewarding the Heros for such unique creative discoveries that bring out such alluring items, which in the garb of becoming our saviors often turn out to become future annihilaors before even apprehending.I call this COMPULSIVE CREATIVITY.
Think of another kind of creativity – less understood, least rewarded but rather important. The urge for this creativity is not motivated by any crisis or problem. It is not need or want based. It rather flowers from the realm of fulfilment.
It is not a product of analysis or so called research. More interesting, it does not necessarily result from a long acquired knowlege, studies, expert-guidance or research in a practical laboratory. Think of the bees.
How they create the honeycomb. You may call it traditional but you can’t deny the power of creativity engrained in the creation of a honeycomb. Think of the smalll birds the way they knit their perfect nests.
So immaculately beautiful are they! This is what I call CONSCIOUS (or contemplative) CREATIVITY.Why the communities of the bees and the birds, despite they were less intelligent than humans, are not busy ruining themselves? If some of them are being ruined, we humans are only responsible for their detruction. No bird, bee or tiger has caused the global warming. Men have caused it.
Our inherent culture of COMPULSIVE CREATIVITY has put the world in this critical disaster. Human beings as the most intelligent creation cut the trees for the sake of civilization but even the remaining unintelligence trees relentlessly save the man. They cannot stop saving us as long as they live. What a strange allegory! I would ask you to look at the scope of CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY from an unconventional (not unreal though) paradigm. Evidencing its scope in the parlance of modern civilization may not be an easy thing. However, it is a reality. In fact, we all think about, long for and aspire to see a new world or generation empowered with the gift of CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY.
I don’t know when will it come but when it does, you got to give it another name (NOT CIVILIZATION) beacuse by then the glory of the term civilization would have been rather turnished to an ultimately regrettable extent.Psychologically, the COMPULSIVE CREATIVITY is the product of the THINKING MIND. You may say all craetivities have to be the products of the mind. Let me explain it. When the mind looks at a problem as an isolated entity, it is severed from its owner – the SOUL or CONSCIOUSNESS. This is when it is a ‘THINKING MIND’. Here, mind alone is the master thinker. Sparated from consciousness, this mind then becomes a victim of the world of senses, meaning its world only comprises of things that the five senses can reach out. It is then operating by dint of, not INSIGHT, but OUTSIGHT. In this case, the Consciousness has no role to play. The SOUL-CONSCIOUSNESS is not only the substratum of the mind but simultaneously on the other side, it is also in eternal unison with the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. The THINKING MIND would thus create everything that is apparently needed for the problem, which it is viewing at the moment.
In doing so, it would make use of only those formats that are externally available by way of education, learning, technolgy and other resources. Incidentally, therefore, The greater perspective of the UNIVERSE will be absent from its contextual reference.You may say, but ‘WE DON’T SEE THE PROBLEM, WE SEE THE SOLUTION’ etc. Wait a little; tell me can you at all see the solution disregarding the problem? Alternatively, don’t you think your solution-seeking mind was only hovering around the relevant problem per se? Whether it is the problem or its very solution, you are actually taken over by it. Therefore, excuse me, YOU HAVE BECOME QUITE A PART THEREOF!CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY does not stem from the hustle-bustle of the external problems or even your compultion to solve them. It is a product of , not OUTSIGHT, but the INSIGHT. It emanates from CONTEMPLATION and, accordingly, from peace, stillness, harmony and joy. These keys would let it open a wide spectrum of Universal Portals one after another on the brilliant screen of your CONSCIOUSNESS. Not problem nor its solution, which are but the two sides of the same coin; you would rather see their essence – the COIN as a whole. You are then not partial or limited to the peripheries; you are now at the CENTER. It is not your THINKING MIND; it is your CONSCIOUS MIND – not severed from, but enlightened by, the LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS.CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY is not the result of an analysis – it could rather be a kind of synthesis.
Here, mind is not an isolated thinker; it is entwined and interspersed with the SOUL-CONSCIOUSNESS and, therefore, spontaneously empowered by the UNIVERSAL or COSMIC ENERGY. It would reflect phenomenal light in the form of its creative force. This is also called the YOGIC, MEDITATIVE or CONTEMPLATIVE MIND. The expression of the CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY, unlike the COMPULSIVE one, may not be elaborate, long, wide or alluringly glamarous. It may well be in the form of a simple word, look, touch, smile or a small drop that would transform or transmute anything, create wonders or miracles. Monumental evidences of such creative masterpieces are held in the history of the human kind.The call of our generation is to set up new landmarks of CONSCIOUS CREATIVITY, which would not only save the world but create an evergreen new generation of peace, harmony, equanimity, joy and love.