Poverty Epidemic: Cause & Solution

You bet absence of ‘attitude’ is the culprit!
Most of us are busy hovering around the peripheries, not center.
Let us understand, ‘control’ is not a substitute for ‘solution’. Controlling poverty is different from eliminating poverty. By trying to arrest the external aspects of poverty we won’t eliminate the cause of poverty.
It is not absence of resources, which is the real cause of poverty. The absence of attitude is of course the one! .Collective Solution:If we could create a proper road map for rendering the coming generation free from poverty, according to me, this will be the most plausible solution. Alongside, the work for arresting the aspects of poverty should, of course, not stopLet us think out of the box! If we as a responsible world community don’t then who else can think about the solution. It is a new attitude-based education model that can change things for the future.
Let us make a road map for creating a new generation free from poverty. We have to congregate our energies for changing the world thoughts through education and social awareness on attitude. The whole system today operates on a ‘self’ oriented model. That was not the original goal of education. Education was not supposed to be a medium for earning living hood; it was meant for learning the true ways of living life. Today education is meant to offer degrees not learning. How can true education afford to underestimate, neglect or ignore the over all development of mankind? If education excludes development then which other stream of our social system will take this profound and mandatory task? True education will only empower people to ‘learn to serve’ than ‘learn to earn’. A society that is enriched and inspired to think of ‘service’ as the spontaneous way of life can only change the future world.
It is not an utopia. The challenge is not only steep and gigantic but also a chronic, epidemic and complex one. So, the mode of treatment also needs to be patient, determined and faithful like a homeopathic therapy. Not infrastructure but willingness; not more resources but a determined clarity of purpose; not aggression but an assertive leadership; not selfishness but sacrifice; not prototype strategies but a long term transformational approach will bear the solution.