“I feel like an onion and every time I sit with Asit he removes a layer.” – Kapil Abrol


Coaching angle:

I realize your depth. I also understand how the rough wind of the world has temporarily disturbed your poise. You came to me with the right intention. That’s my capital and that excites me to help you to even out your gap – fill your void.

You don’t need my consolation at all but you do need a little comfort. You know you are having that now. Do you know the other name of comfort? Possibility.

So, the ball has already started rolling in your favor. You spoke your heart out because you trusted on that possibility. Now my capital has started yielding interest. You are seeing light.

The layers are being steadily peeled of and I can see the enthusiasm building. This means you are gaining the momentum to resolve issues. You only needed trust – trust in your worth, abilities and capabilities.

The moment you felt that trust in my coaching you knew unfailingly that you are ready to work the rest out. You know something? You and I are engaged in a noble competition. You want solutions and I want my patience to win facilitating that solution for you.

Your AHA is in gaining the confidence of resolving issues. My AHA is in removing the layers and let you see the shine – it’s your shine buddy, not mine.

Just take it.

Asit Ghosh
Success Leadership Coach