Ship of Relationships

Sail In The Ship Of Successful Relationships


Good Relationships just don’t happen,
they take time and patience of people
“Who truly want to be together”

Your success in life largely depends on how you communicate and interact with people around you, both in personal & professional front. Your ability to motivate, influence, and understand others is a very important skill in building effective lasting relationships.
In dealing with people the “willingness to understand” the behavior and responses
of people associated with you, has the hidden power of building strong communications.

“Life is no fun if there is work to be done,
But we can make it better if we do it together”

Each one of us has a distinct style, a certain way of looking at things which come our way. Everyone has his or her way of expressing & interpreting the world.
If we truly understand how different styles of behavior exists in our co-workers, friends, family, loved ones; communication & co-operation would be easy.

“We all are so caught up in our own worlds that we think that our way of doing things is the only way, in fact sometimes the best way”

Let me tell you a story:

There were four ants; Anita , Simi, Ria and Renuka. They were always busy, collecting their food as the rains were approaching fast.
Close to the big tree,s trunk, which was their house; sewage pipeline work was going on. Simi & Renuka both were busy thinking of a solution as to how to save their families.

Their friend Ria was busy with other ant friends talking only about the various food options for storage. The eldest ant Anita couldn’t understand: why no action has been taken till now in such crises.
Anita visits her ant friend Dolly to get help on how to get out of this situation or maybe, find a new house.

Still, the Ants family together found it difficult to pull through. The ants couldn’t use their potential to get out of the muddle they were in

We sometimes overuse our strength. And when, we do it becomes our weakness.

At-times, your assertiveness become aggressiveness. Healthy confidence becomes arrogance. Taking initiative morphs into steamrolling others before the best solution has been identified. Over analysis, paralyses “effective communication.”
It ultimately weakens people to achieve goals & relationships are affected.
Here is another one

Rahul & Kanika have been successfully married for the last seven years. They lived a harmonious happy life in the downtown area of Mumbai with their big family. After the day’s grind, Rahul would often get a small bunch of flowers for his wife. The radiance of colors or, the delicate petals would not matter much to him.. But what mattered was the smile of his wife

Often by simply observing others, we can identify their behavioral traits and understand what makes them tick in Relationships.