Secret Intention Part II


The Secret Intention

Thanks to all of you who are with me today and especially the ones who appreciated me for the Part I and were waiting eagerly for the final part of this title.

So, here we go!

How many of you would agree that LIVING is not only about BREATHING?

Sure, most, if not all of you, do.

Why is it that there are a whole lot of men and women who are living on this earth only because they aren’t dead?

What’s that element missing in those for which they’re called dead, in spite of breathing?

What is the real meaning of LIVING?

Well, LIFE IS ABOUT EXCITEMENT — the throbbing vibration which gets you going — I mean makes you living, in the real meaning of that word.

Therefore, if your primary mission of life is to live with SUSTAINED EXCITEMENT & ENTHUSIASM, you got to have dreams of exclusive kinds for it is ONLY those special kinds of dreams that can keep you excited for ever.

I remember the empowering words of one of my great mentors Dr. Robert Schuller, the author of his bestselling book: ‘Tough times never lasts but tough people do’. He said:

“If I live and all my dreams are fulfilled, I’m dead.”

Similar has been the expression of APJ Abdul Kalaam on dreams:

“Dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.”

Are you not hitting the Bull’s Eye now?

Well, let’s dive a little deeper into dreams.

Do you think all dreams has the capacity to put you at that Premium Level of SUSTAINED EXCITEMENT?

It’s true that all dreams have excitement and power. However, you would agree, not all dreams have the same power — their intensity varies.


Let me share two general examples from my Goal Setting classes for students. The example refers to two students from different batches who had the same dream. Both aspired to be Pilots. I interviewed Akshay and Rashmi separately, by asking both of them, the same question:

“What outcome you want to see from the fulfilment of your dreams?”

Here were the answers:

Akshay tells me:

“Look my uncle is a Pilot in Lufthansa. I like the way the pilots carry themselves. They are the most respected lots in the aviation industry. They grab all the attention. They are so well paid. To me, it’s really a glamorous profession.”

And Rashmi says:

“The very thought that I’m flying that vast big machine piercing through the sky passes a current through my veins. I feel the excitement of flying over the Pacific Ocean below for 16 long hours and over 350 passengers sitting back are relaxed with total reliance on my command. Wow! They will have their gorgeous breakfast at Frankfurt tomorrow.”

Whose dream between the two, you think, has the excitement of greater intensity?

Rashmi’s. Right?

Guess, why it is that Rashmi’s dream has more power than Akshaya’s?

You may answer this in different ways but the most relevant point here is that Akshaya picked up his dream looking at his uncle and it is the glamour and wealth of that coveted job that influenced him. The outcome he was looking for was rather external.

On the other hand, Rashmi’s inspiration was triggered from within her heart. She is moved by the spirit of adventure — she’s inspired internally.

Hope it’s not difficult to understand that any materialistic dream is unlikely to offer SUSTAINED EXCITEMENT simply because materials are characteristically depreciative.

On the contrary, the one who is moved by her inner spirit is more likely to SUSTAIN EXCITEMENT because human spirit is characteristically appreciative.

Before Rashmi would get bored after flying some thousand hours, her spirit will lift herself to bigger joy and she might end up flying a space-craft one day.

Here’s what Kalpana Chawla said:

“The path from dream to success does exit. May you have the vision to find it and the perseverance to follow it.”

You like it or not, your Secret Intention lies in the depth of your soul. You hardly find your most potential dreams outside in the world for the point from where it spurts is right there in the core of your heart. You may have been incubating it through many lives. You are blessed for you have discovered it now.

Am I saying you are lucky for being so blessed? Maybe yes. But, what’s most important is: all of us are so blessed. It’s a tragedy however, that we don’t explore that Hidden Intension which rests inside us. We quickly jump into setting goals from external examples that are easily found there in the world. I call these ‘Goals of Competition’ or ‘Goals of Imitation’. Those are not the real shelter for SUSTAINED EXCITEMENT.

So, how do you get down to searching those Hidden Intentions that can foster SUSTAINED ENTHUSIASM?

Here’s the final answer from where your strategies for setting the Real Goals of Undying Inspiration can be DISCOVERED.

Get ready to note:

You know something? It rests in the hidden chambers of your UNFULFILLED INTENTIONS.

Mind you, I’m not talking about your unfulfilled intentions that are FOILED.

I’m talking about ONLY those UNFULFILLED INTENTIONS that have not FLOURISHED.

So, it’s high time you shift your focus INSIDE OF YOU to explore all your hidden intentions lying deep there.

It needs a determined search with faith. But, if you begin this, I assure you, you would most certainly DISCOVER your real Dreams of Higher Purpose with a real-real AHA. And once you get this, boy! you will be filled with inexplicable joy and incessant excitement.

That’s not all, you will inevitably recognize these Real Dreams of yours with unfailing accuracy; and some of you may even feel, these dreams are so friendly and known to you from some unknown past. Eventually you will realize, there’s nothing in this world which is more important than pursuing those dreams. You will then set your Ultimate Goals around those dreams and set sail.

You must remember the two evergreen principles for this exercise:

1. Your Goals should be born from your Unflourished Real Dreams. And,

2. Your Real Dreams should represent the Actual Outcome of the Goals you have set.

Now get ready for action:

Your FIRST ACTION STEP now is to sit down and write, I repeat write, all your unfulfilled dreams. Don’t stop until you have exhausted all your dreams and got them out in that piece of paper. As you read them, you will be able to evaluate and select the ones that conform to your core nature. You will get accurate signals to DISCOVER the space where your hidden intentions lie. Right then, your real dreams will emerge with more clarity. It’s just like the birth of your baby. You will be filled with a spirit of Pure Love and Joy and shall no longer look back.

Remember, your Unflourished Dreams are equally eager to reveal themselves. They are actually waiting for you to pave the path for their delivery. You will, therefore have nature’s help in actualizing them.

While your goals born from your real dreams can be meant to benefit you and the ones who matter in your life, a few among you may feel empowered for accomplishing even bigger social or entrepreneurial dreams that will eventually set you free to carry out bigger projects; mission or vision of higher purpose; and benefit humanity at large.

Now that you know everything about your secret intentions to create new landmarks with sustained excitement, nothing should stop you to begin that most worthy journey without any more delay.

I suggest that you listen to this two part Audio-series a couple of times to fathom the deeper aspects of your hidden intention.

I thank you very much for being with me and you have my best wishes for a wonderful future.