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Myself And God In Communion

Words are of little worth if they failed to elicit feelings. The Hindu scriptures describe words as Shabda-Bramha (in Sanskrit Shabda means words and Bramha means the Infinitude.) The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John – – 1:1 ESV / 13.

Chanting of mantras, hymns and songs for prayer are primarily meant to arouse a feeling of ‘love’ to feel the omnipresence of God. Every religion has ultimately described God as love and said; ‘he who has no love does not know God’. Therefore, more than the volumes of literatures, descriptions and essays about God, the depth and power of a few words can instantly let us feel our connection with God.

God is no alien object that resides far away in the heaven. God is our essence entwined in every atom and molecule. To feel the existence of God we need to bear a paradigm of our oneness with God. Some great Indian saints have also encouraged the mankind to begin by relating with a personal God – a father, mother, child or servant. When our heart becomes inundated with inimitable love for our own personal God, then the object of our love becomes one with the source.

MAGIC (Myself And God In Communion) was born as a spontaneous effort to feel the presence of God as the simplest, easiest and nearest shelter of peace, assurance, strength and solace of our existence. The medium of this relationship is in the form of a conversation.

When you turn over the pages of MAGIC, try to read the words as if you are talking to God as a close friend. When you read it slowly you most likely will begin to be in a contemplative mood and feel that you are talking to yourself.

It is in that very moment of natural unison a few drops of tears may swell up from the depth of your being. Right at that point the title of the book and its contents will mingle as one as much you shall cherish the reality of your oneness with your own God and the whole God.

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