So much to do!


So much to do!

Asit Ghosh
23 June 2017

I’ve engaged myself in a very powerful, convincing and vigorous self-cleansing process learnt directly from a few proven masters. It has been over 3 months that I’m practicing it. The intensity of my commitment to this practice has only increased with time. The only gain I have been determined to reap from this exercise was spiritual clarity (deeper connection with divinity).

The most important element of this healing system is to work on the external triggers of pains, sufferings, challenges and bottlenecks you encounter in other people and circumstances for you to work on. Those events are important to the extent that they awaken certain uncomfortable feelings they deliver on you. These feelings are definite leads for you to cleanse yourself.

The principle is, you are experiencing these only because you have attracted them. Hence, you take full responsibility for receiving those as an effect of some known and unknown causes initiated by you sometime in past.

The process even invites you continue with your cleansing process even without such leads as a way for self-cleansing so that you reach a point that you don’t have many things to cleanse, which means you are closer to divinity.

My life has been quite steady with a fairly comfortable routine, likeable work and progress, enough time for myself, silence and contemplation – the things that are so dear to me.

I thought, I’d cleansed myself enough until this morning when a volcano erupted.

No, there was no external event at all. I didn’t have a fight or conflict with anyone, nor did I have any physical pain or ailments.

The volcano erupted while meditating.

I experienced inexplicable anger characterized by severe irritation and urge to protest. The moment I perceived this abrupt spurt of heat a procession of allied emotions manifested. I felt so much pain for my own condition of helplessness and victimization of neglect, injustice and apathy towards myself. My anger transmuted in helpless pains and I cried as if shackled and fettered by unknown strings of strange compulsions.

It was so intense, my efforts to look at my feelings as triggers for me work my cleansing mechanism were seemingly being overtaken by the alternative standard methods of attack and reactions.

However, I held myself strongly to the ground. I affirmed myself to rely deeply on my faith on the method of cleansing I have been relentlessly practicing.

After a while, I felt a few things. My pain in the left arm (frozen shoulders) and right knees were missing. I know now that these temporary indications were kind of blabs of the Divine to solidly restore my faith in the work I have been doing.

Right at that moment my focus shifted from outside to inside in that the person or situation on which I was angry tend to become unimportant. On the contrary, I realized that I did not import those feelings from any situation ( because there was no new event or war). I only had them inside of myself. As those were there, I need to cleanse them. My feelings of pain, helplessness, agony and injustice were replaced by serenity, conviction, confidence and purpose.
Wasn’t it beautiful?

I could smile with gratitude to the Universe for filling up my plate with new projects of Huge Self-Cleansing Tasks I’ve to carry out now.

Yes, I’ve to work on all such feelings which have been latent inside my apparent comforts and complacencies which I perceived on the surface. The most exciting thing is that I am energized by this realization of having to do so much because I’m definite about the outcome that will be delivered as rewards once I succeed cleansing a few more of the dark spots on the portrait.