Spiritual Personality – I



June 18, 2017

We are not human beings having a Spiritual experience; we are Spiritual beings having a human experience.Therefore, before we discuss about human personality, it’s essential to reflect on the Spiritual Personality. To some, if not all, the term Spiritual Personality can well be a misnomer. As Spirit doesn’t have a name and form, it becomes uneasy to conceptualize what is meant by Spiritual Personality.

The point is valid. However, I am using the term Spiritual Personality only to describe its esoteric format, which is allied to the body. We may call it Soul, which refers to that part of One-spirit, that resides in the body, as long as it is alive in its name and form.

The aspect about human personality can be discussed in its wholesome perspective when its very basis that is the Spiritual Personality is better understood.

Spirit and Soul being essentially formless, the constitutional aspects of Spiritual Personality are also abstract and immaterial. In the simplest terms, however, human personality is quantitative and Spiritual Personality is qualitative.

There are FOUR core CONSTITUTIONAL ELEMENTS of the Spiritual Personality.

I want you to remember them as 4p’s.

Now, let’s examine what is the FIRST element of the 4P fabric of Spiritual Personality.

As Spiritual beings, we are sent into this world with our Spiritual Personality designed by the creator. Hence, the essential ingredients of our Spiritual Persona were nothing other than the divine characteristics of the creator. The basic ingredients of these Divine characteristics with which we were packed by the creator are PRINCIPLES.

Thus, the first P among the 4P’s of Spiritual Personality is: PRINCIPLES.
What is the second P of The Spiritual Persona?
When we progressed here after our birth, we had to exercise our ways based on PRINCIPLES only because that’s all we carried from our Creator. PRINCIPLES exercised and reflected through our expressions established a framework of our dwellings and this is called PERSPECTIVE. And, this PERSPECTIVE happens to the second P of our Spiritual Persona.

The following metaphor might help you to assimilate the idea:
Imagine a focal point, light and a sphere.

The Divine Spirit is the focal point. Our PRINCIPLES are light emitting from the focal point creating a sphere within which it would spread. This sphere denotes our PERSPECTIVE.

Now, from PRINCIPLES and PERSPECTIVE is born the 3rd structure of our Spiritual Personality. PRINCIPLES radiating within the sphere of PERSPECTIVE now started consolidating in the form of pillars that would later inspire us to move into the world by working out our versatile ways. These pillars denote our PHILOSOPHY, the 3rd P of Spiritual Persona.

We are all set to go forward in our mission into the world now.
Here’s another metaphor to conceptualize the message:
With our PRINCIPLES as our spiritual body, our PERSPECTIVE as our Spiritual demeanor, our PHILOSOPHY as our Spiritual vision we are now ready to board the Chariot of our action setting our PURPOSE.

PURPOSE is the fourth and the last ingredient of spiritual Personality.

So, let me once again remind you the 4 P’s of our Spiritual Personality. They are:





As you may see, all these abstract aspects are so closely bonded with each other as if they were integral parts of their possessor.

That’s right. Because, Spirit is ever-integrated phenomenon. Oneness, Singularity, Love and Peace are the other names of Spirit. Therefore, let’s realize the essence of our Spiritual Personality constituted by the 4Ps, before we go into developing the human personality. Remember an important thing: your Spiritual Personality is created by the Creator but we ourselves create the human personality. Therefore, your human personality needs to be essentially rooted in the Spiritual Personality for you to live a fulfilled life.

I deeply realize and firmly believe, training on Spiritual Personality is not only essential to each one of us for our own growth and evolution. It is also an imperative solution of the multiple crisis facing humanity at large and our ecological harmony on this earth.

In the next and the last session in the series titled Spiritual Personality part 2, I would like to dwell on the human personality.

Good bye till then.