Spiritual Personality – II



Asit Ghosh

June 20, 2017

Welcome back to the Second and Last Part of this topic.

If you haven’t heard the first part. Stop right here and go back to that first. Without the first part this will bear no meaning.

Well, just to recapitulate, I spoke about 4P’s – the constituting fibers of the Spiritual personality in which the ingredients of the Human Personality, which I shall discuss now, need to be rooted.

In the ancient Bhagavat Geeta 3rd Chapter 42nd verse the basic elements of the Human Personality has been very clearly defined:

इन्द्रियाणि पराण्याहुरिन्द्रियेभ्य: परं मन: |

मनसस्तु परा बुद्धिर्यो बुद्धे: परतस्तु स: || 42||

indriyÀÉi parÀÉy Àhur indriyebhyaÏ paraÎ manaÏ |

manasas tu parÀ buddhir yo buddheÏ paratas tu saÏ ||3-42||

I was deeply influenced by this verse and was amazed to see how aptly the overall human personality has been depicted in this verse. I fully value and accept this amplification about the Human Personality as absolutely valid and evergreen. I also request that you try to do that too.

The Human Personality also, like the Spiritual Personality, has 4 distinct ingredients. The only point of difference is that: as they dwell within or are manifested through the finite or the material form of our existence, they are grosser in their essence and characteristics compared to those of the Spiritual Personality.

These 4 elements of the Human Personality are:





The first 3 operational elements of the Human Personality that is Body, Mind and Intellect can be aptly explained by the example of a horse-cart. It also has three basic entities: the cart, the horse and the man who controls the movement with the help of the reign. In the context of the Human Personality these symbolic metaphors represent the Body, Mind and Intellect respectively; Body the Cart; Mind the Horse and the Man in control is the Intellect.

The gateway of the Human Personality is the GROSS HUMAN BODY, which is a package of indriyas – in that are the cumulative 5 sense organs and 5 work organs. We sense the stimuli by ways of the 5 sense organs – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We work through the 5 work organs – hands, feet, eyes, tongue and skin. The sensory and mortar actions are intricately loaded within our Body. This GROSS PHYSICAL structure of the Human Vehicle is the BODY and this is the First element of the Human Personality.

It’s the Human Mind which has the energy to move the Body. The Mind actually makes the Body to perform various tasks exactly like the Horse that pulls the cart. Mind-power is like the Horse-power.

However, unless the horse is tamed it cannot serve the purpose. The mind is like a wild monkey, says the psychologists. Just like the Horse is controlled by the Man sitting there on top of the cart, the human mind also needs to be controlled by a superior instrument called Intellect. Human Intellect often referred to as the Higher Mind is the discriminative faculty. Its actual role is to keep track of the human mind – the wild monkey so that it may deliver productive results. If the relationship between the Mind and Intellect is disturbed that’s when the Human Personality is confused, disturbed and out-of- place.

Personality Development Courses that are commonly run in the professional world are purport to carrying out the Mind Training. However, unless such programs are rooted in the Spiritual Development, they fail to serve the real purpose.

The exclusive and important aspect of the Human Personality is the Fourth Factor called Soul. Soul is the delegated part of the Spirit or God that rests within the man’s Human Body and that’s why it is alive and active. Every characteristic of the Soul is identical to that of the Infinite Spirit or God. This is the reason why we say God abides within the man and the Human Body is also compared with the temple. In the same vein, we say that there’s nothing impossible for man because there is nothing impossible for God. Jesus said, God has created man after His own image.

The development of Spiritual Personality Development is thus integrated with the development of Human Personality by the bridge between God the Creator and the man who is born and carries out his karma on the soil of the Earth. This bridge is the Soul – the Fourth element of the Human Personality and is also the Critical Point for the overall human life.

According to me, the central philosophy of overall personality development is comprehensively described by the following slogan:


This completes my deliberation on this topic.

I wish you a peaceful and enlightened life.