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“My Experience with UXL PLUS

After almost 16 years of my graduation, UXL+ was like a second homecoming for me. It reopened many aspects of my own-self that I had forgotten or left behind, somewhere in my struggles to survive this ocean called LIFE. I am now e-energized, full of hope and optimism for my future. I am confidant that I still have the zest in me. There is a whole world of opportunities , waiting to be tapped by me. I shall do all that I can to make this world a better place. I am also thankful to UXL+ for giving me so many wonderful friends. These friendships I shall cherish for life, and hopefully beyond, because I strongly believe that you don’t make friends in life. But, they are actually sent your way, by some unknown power. Thank you very much and God blees you AsitGhosh for giving us UXL+”