Testimony of Trust

“Help hardly is a testimony of trust, but commitment is”
– Asit

All my quotes evolve from real life drama. I am a keen observer and constantly learn from situations and behaviors of others and my own. This is my today’s first-hand learning. I am sure you have no doubt that life is the greatest teacher.

We may ‘help’ many people. But, how many of them do we stand by? ‘Help’ is a good thing for it makes you nice or kind. But, face it, it doesn’t necessarily and always stem from a discerned attitude. It can often be an expression of your affordability or willingness to do a good deed or feel better. But, ‘commitment’, on the other hand, is a matter of accountability and solidarity. Not only protection, safety or security, ‘commitment’ also fosters empowerment and trust in a relationship or mission. While a ‘help’ denotes a good value, ‘commitment’ reflects the principle of an individual. You may amend your values but not principles. Trust cannot be the sporadic behavior of a man. It has come to be the essential part of their core nature – like the DNA. They have learned and acquired this characteristic through years of toils. Most likely, it is a prenatal characteristic and has descended from their past lives.

This aspect of comparison between ‘help’ & ‘commitment’ is not out of place. Rather, it’s quite relevant in the day to day context of our lives. I must clarify that the purpose of this discussion is not to undermine the importance of ‘helping someone in distress’. However, a ‘commitment’ to stand by someone or a cause in spite of all odds and obstacles & keeping your promise most certainly requires a deeper empathy – a towering attitude and sacrifice. People with such characters are of the highest worth among mankind. These rare men and women are endowed with a missionary zeal. While ‘help’ can be a savior, commitment is a ‘builder’. ‘Help’ gives you a fish but ‘commitment’ teaches you how to fish.

People of ‘commitment’ actually set examples in their families and companies and are thus remembered through generations. Similar examples when painted on the bigger canvas of societies and nations, those are then imprinted as epochs in the annals of history.
“If you want to know the real character of a man, meet him in his difficult time.” – Martin Luther King (Jr.)

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Ajay Sharma says a couple of years ago

So meritoriously the difference between a Help & a COMMITMENT has been narrated. Awesome you and awesome your post. Keep rocking. Stay blessed.

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