The Promise of a Coach


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Most coaches, teachers, healers or consultants know, the story we tell inside our own heads matters a whole lot.

The traditional schools of marketing and advertising have taught business owners how the stories of their prospective clients can be swapped out, shaped and polished around their feelings of struggle, overwhelm, fear of missing out, or ‘I’m not enough’.

So, let me ask you this:

Why would anyone think that telling people stories about their hurt, pain or suffering would lead to great clients?

Well, my name is Asit. As a success leadership coach, trainer and consultant practicing for nearly three decades I’ve had the privilege of assisting hundreds of thousands of people to discover meaning of their life and achieve their dreams.

When I ascended into this responsible role of coaching I really felt blessed.  As a coach, I learnt from my esteemed Coach-gurus: a genuine coach or healer is rather committed to reminding people of their own power or freedom; trusting oneself above external authority; and remembering ‘Who they really are!’

Instantly therefore, telling those age-old marketing stories seemed terribly misleading and dull. Reminding clients how they can’t solve their problems without my magical solution was kind of pulling yourself out of integrity.

I was deeply inspired to write my new genuine story. This not only invigorated the spirit of my clients but also reinforced my values and enhanced my creativity and goodwill.


I always offer my simple assurance to all my prospective clients are as follows:

I know you are a hero on a journey.


I know you want something.


You have tried to stay in your comfort zone, where it’s familiar but, you know, you cannot ignore your desire. To ignore it would be death.


Do you realize, to get what you want, you need to leave the familiar and cross over to the unknown? You already know this. You’ve done it before.


When you’re ready to go for it, I (your Coach) am here to give you tools, company and wisdom for your journey.


I can’t walk your journey for you, but:


I will be with you when you make changes.


You will feel my presence when you are tested.


You will feel my powers added to yours when you hit setbacks, jolts and bumps in the road.


I will be celebrating with you when you get what you want and return home.


This isn’t easy, my friend. Change rarely is. But you don’t have to do it alone. I know the road. I know the trials. I know the way back. And I have done it all before.

Trust me, I know the way.


Are you in?