The Secret Intention Part I


The Secret Intention

It was an AHA for me, when this was revealed to me sometime in early June of 2014. It was just a few days after my mother passed away. Soon after her departure I discovered vistas of personal growth and revelations that were kind-of blocked for years. It was her parting gift and, trust me, I perceived this accurately.

It was a paradigm shift — so striking that from that point my pursuits, perspectives as well as my work and life-style began taking new turns.

I remember one of my CA friends had once very loving retorted, “Asit, you know something? You are great, but you don’t understand a thing about money.”

He didn’t mean any attack on me but I had serenely consumed that ego-hurt as I had nothing to respond much less question his assessment.

Another friend on a different occasion, with whom I partnered a business, invited me in his chamber one day to introduce me to one of his highly accomplished corporate tycoons saying, “You won’t find another man of his caliber as a motivator, who has influenced thousands like me but couldn’t even own a single property for himself in spite of working in a city like Delhi for over 27 years.” My friend continued, “Do you know, you won’t find Asit ever in a bar with his friends or in a club or even in a posh mall window-shopping and he doesn’t even own a car.”

You know, I’d little to protest as he was his way to create my special Avatar in the mind of his corporate friend, but I had to face myself to answer about this inadequacies to my own self.

Having to work in the public arena, I’d mustered most of the arts of guarding my expression. I participated in that meeting without revealing my dilemma but I admit that the remark made by my friend kept haunting me every now and then after that day.

It was a strange dilemma. On one hand, such descriptions by a few of my folks effectively indicated that I was a financial failure while on the other I found a whole bunch of others who dearly counted on my training, coaching and even presence in their company. However, I never fell short of any personal joy or inspiration for sharing a room in the old people’s home in Rohini. In fact, that’s the address my passport and mobile bills still bear, though I shifted over to another place offered to me by a friend after my mother passed away.

Then one day, I got this AHA. That was the first piece of a gem I had disseminated from my mother’s gift-box and that’s the one I’m about to share with you all today.

I got the answer of the question, why I feel so much enriched within in spite of not understanding a thing about money, and not being able to build my own home.

I was reading a brilliant book titled ‘Four Hour Work-week’ by Tim Ferris. The author wrote this book primarily to teach a few new-age mantras for successful entrepreneurship. However, at the very outset, he hits the bull’s eye by making you answer a few mundane questions like:

What’s your goal? What do you want? Why are you working?

How many times you had answered these questions yourselves or asked others to answer those.

People normally define their needs and goals on the basis of positions of authority, power or wealth and they tend to describe or define their goals in those terms only.

As I traveled a little deeper with Tim, he asks another stern question and that is:


Ah! None before that day seemed to ask this question. What can be beyond goals after all?

But now, to answer that question, you start beating about the bush and end up responding…

I want to be rich.

I want to contribute in the life of others.

I want to be known and heard in the world.

I want to prove a point to myself.

And bla-bla-bla…

Although I found Tim’s discussion interesting but I didn’t yet get my AHA.

The magic box opened a little later, when Tim asked…

“And what outcome you want to see by being rich, contributing in others, being known and heard or proving a point to yourself?”


I was dumbfounded, lost-words, lost-thoughts…

A little while… my author asks again

Hey! What is that ONE THING we all are looking for from those outcomes?

Are we all looking for ONE THING ONLY? I was surprised.

I turned into the back-pages of the book to re-confirm that I didn’t buy a book to teach me, how to meditate or get my nirvana?

No. Timothy was clear that he wanted to teach the new-age life-style of an entrepreneur. He did promise to tell us how to earn billions, working just four hours a week?

The author’s voice authentically comes back quite loud and clear. This time I learnt:

“If I wanted to succeed in my work, I must first determine what is the ultimate thing I’m looking for in life.”

That’s not all, the most astounding fact is that we all are actually looking for the same thing and it was not moksha, liberation or nirvana.

What we all are looking for is:


What rot? I thought.

Am I doing all these only for Excitement?

For a while I felt betrayed, fooled and mislead.

I told myself, that’s not an interesting and intellectually quite absorbing thing.

But, my inner voice suddenly throws up this question:

“Hey! What if, you can do something that would give you sustained excitement in life?”

“Won’t you be more productive, buoyant and vibrant? “Imagine 24X7X365 you are loaded with excitement — how do you think your life will be then?”


The wisdom dawns right there and then. I couldn’t deny the idea of staying EXCITED for ever.

Yes, we all are actually looking for ONLY ONE THING from life and the thing indeed is:


It proved to be so accurate day after day, month after month and two full years since, I didn’t succeed placing another better substitute for this ultimate pursuit of a man’s work-life in this world.

It was a major, crucial and welcome shift.

May I request you to ponder deeper on this today. I bet you to will also affirm this.

Let me ask you to leave out your so-called goals for a while and explore how you can do things that will give you this ultimate stuff — SUSTAINED EXCITEMENT. Maybe what you determined to be your end is only your means ONLY.

Listen, this exciting journey is not yet over.

Wait to learn the real secret — how to re-designing your goals on the basis of this new perspective.

I promise, another BIG WOW awaits you!!

A note of alert! Be prepared for a new revolution that will, most likely, follow this evolution.

You may be demanded to look beyond the common boundaries.

I did and I gained my excitements beyond measures.

I shall wait to meet you in the concluding part — The Secret Intention Part II.

Wish you the very best.