umbrella of parenting

The Umbrella of Parenting


When you take your child in your arms and lift him ‘skywards’ remember you are doing something bigger! You are taking on his world! Love comes with responsibility. You are the creator, second to God in giving life to your offspring and thereafter designing his world. Should you not be a gardener to his soul? You nourish him with food and fruits. You provide him textbooks and toys. Be consciously aware of your greater responsibility! You have to skillfully massage (manage) his mind so that he becomes your best message to the world.

A child is malleable. Supply him the ingredients and provide him the environment that sieves only the innocent and noble qualities out of him. He is aware of his emotions and alert to the attention you are giving him. He will pass on to others what he gets from you. Let him take his learning of good morals, acceptable conduct, balance, adjustment and synergy through your example. With each child parents raise and deliver to this world as a happy human being, they contribute HOPE to society. They provide the units of assembling a brighter and better world with increased harmony. The foundations of this world are based on interpersonal empathy and open ended growth. People can safely call this world an ‘untroubled’paradise of redoubled joys! Do you want a preview of this world? Here smiles pass on from one face to the other and light up all interconnected lives like sunshine over the hills, on a golden summer day.
Be the ropes of the swing in the park that your child rides higher and higher while trying to touch the blue sky. The ropes are his safety cushion, his hands being entwined around them while he cries out in joy when someone pushes his swing from behind. He knows he’ll go low or take up high but his grip on the rope will be secure and tight. Allow him this carefree ride lifelong. Give him the belief that he can rise or fall, no matter what! But still he can clutch your hands like the tight ropes of the swing.
The spring season best symbolizes the relationship between parents and children. All children arrive like a bouquet in spring. Life opens up anew with the freshness of spring. This season sweeps us in its sweet fragrance, gently knocks at our subconscious and whispers words like ‘Rise! Revive! Renew! Rejoice!’ Children announce the spring season in our lives as they birth into our families, make us proud parents and extend our lineage! Spring is not only about birthing! It is also about building! Birds build their nests while chirping busily in musical notes. Nature comes completely alive in spring. Much like birds, it is our loving obligation to provide strong nests to our children. It is a vital planning of our social set up that they spend the former years of their lives with us. We are by their side as they grow up from toddlers to teeny boppers to adolescents to adults. They require our assurance as they weave dreams of their lives yet to unfold and later for support; as they become the architects of their dreams on the soils of reality. Isn’t it worthwhile then, planning a sanctified home for them right from their infancy, providing them a cherished shelter to shield them from troubling thoughts and agonies of youth! Freeing them from the chains of self doubt as they measure their abilities in the tests of life and gifting them the best present of the universe…YOUR BELIEF IN THEIR WORTH!!!
They’ll have episodes of broken hearts, shattered dreams and bruised egos. You’ll be their healers. The medicine your loving words can provide cannot be manufactured in any pharmaceutical laboratory. You’ll be their reason builders. You’ll guide them to choices and decisions that agree with their lifestyle, backed by sensible reasoning. You are their resource providers, integrity shapers and fountainheads of instilling the right values in their core being.
Do not make your children walk in your shadow… Instead

  1. Train them to be accountable to themselves for their acts.Observe as they take risks that could either pay off rich dividends or force them to start afresh if they fail. Do not encourage them to be too foolhardy and experimental but to decide what works for them and stabilize their course of action for their preferred plans of life.
  2. They are technologically ahead of you so make sure their exposure to media and internet is safe and healthy. You might need to do some boundary setting for this.
  3. Invest in their prospects and opportunities. They will be forever grateful to you. Make them empowered enough to have sharp credits that facilitate their education loans for career studies and application skills that help them to remit such loans. Education today is synonymous with life building skills. Do not compare to earlier times when vocational training courses were easily affordable. In today’s competitive times ‘the new generation’ education can be expensive but can be wisely planned out by you.
  4. They live their life with a different mind-set. What worked with you may not hold well in their times. Don’t force them to invest in shares or gold if they wish to spend their savings on a trip abroad instead. Watch them blossom into well informed future leaders with adequate practical knowledge of the globe.
  5. Don’t build opinions around their clothes and their ‘trendy’ lifestyle in an ever fast moving world. Their wardrobe may change every six months. What is more important is that they become self reliant through your training to fulfill their desires, yet plan excellently ahead and secure a financially sound future for themselves. Teach them to respect the needs of others.
  6. Encourage them to take up one cause that resonates with their life’s calling. Let them work with animal rescuers if they love animals or be associated with benefic activities of the blind school. You would see a flowering of their personality that would be the sole result of their selfless efforts at such ‘community contributing projects’.
  7. Respect their choice in their life partners. Teach them about the strength of commitment in relationships. Bless them and blend with their extending families. If painful ‘unavoidables’ surface in terms of divorce, separation and death try to withdraw from the emotions and deal with such situations from a ‘renounced perspective’. You will have to get a grip over these realities fast in order to be an anchor of support to your affected child. Allow your child to go through each range and graph of the feelings welling up inside him so that he does not deny himself the pain. Only by bravely facing the pain in your anchorage and enduring it fully, will he be able to finally move on.
  8. Help them identify their talent and work with perseverance to liquidate their creativity through this talent. Be their light workers in this role of yours.
  9. Always enjoin upon them to do their best and a little more. They will never thereafter allow themselves to settle for anything that is less than what they are eligible for. They would learn that it is always wise to replace the small e in their life with the big E i.e. eligibility with ENTITLEMENT.
  10. As worthy parents you are sure to leave your footprints behind on the ‘mindscape’ of your children. Your footprints may be measurable in centimeters and inches today as you live. Your child would know your foot size at the shoe store. Yet the impact of your footprints would be undeniably deeper than an ocean’s on your child’s consciousness; as he would commence his journey through them on the path so lovingly defined by you and finally in paying you a true tribute would increase the borderline of this exploration for his children to come…