Tips On Self-Motivation


Tips On Self Motivation

Everything in nature that has been endowed with the gift of life yearns for expression. A seed achieves its greatest potential by the cracking of the shell and subsequent growth of roots and shoots. Flowers and fruits arrive at a later stage.
Through the foregoing example, we have observed that growth comes as a result of self-expression.
Every day take some time out for you. Have a still mind and try to go deep into your inner reserves.


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Filter your thoughts. What is their origin? What is their pattern? Are your energies taking you backwards? Are you imprisoned in a chain of thoughts related to your past? Are they sad thoughts? Are they happy ones? If they make you smile then it’s a positive signal for your unfolding. You can extract the positivity and apply it to shape your present. However if you are living in a museum of the past then let go. Envision yourself as a sailor standing on the deck of a ship. A sailor homebound! He is present in the moment. To him, everything is extraordinarily beautiful. The flapping white sails of the ship are music to his ears. He drowns his anxieties and pains in the sea. The salt sprinkled breeze slapping across his face, fills him with a new life. Hope springs eternal. He is leaving his wind-tossed voyage behind and coming back to the safely of the shore. His mind’s eye is seeing it all. His family, close friends, lovely meals, warm blankets and nourishing drinks are awaiting his arrival. The vision of love, warmth, security and hospitality keep him calm through his endless days in the sea. In one word it is ‘hope’ coming to him with the tang of fresh sea water.

I want to partner with all of you in the hope building process. For this, I require your direct participation.

We all desire to come to the shore. The waves kiss the shoreline no matter how many times they are sent away by the shy sea.
I encourage you to take the first step. Open up to all that life has to offer. Be passionate about life’s gifts. Don’t let them go un- noticed. Remember the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of a good life is to give it away.
Enter the happy zone. It’s easier to be motivated if you are happy. Feel the warmth of the sun shining on you. Have a song in your heart and a spring to your feet. Get into a good frame of mind. Do anything that makes you happy. A good mood leads to empowering, uplifting and wholesome thoughts.
Dedicate an hour a day to yourself. This is your sacred space. The ‘me time’ you need for your self-development! Utilize this time to develop the most powerful relationship on earth. This is your relationship with yourself. Gift this relationship to you since you are worthy of it.

Start simple! Make friends with one of the most beautiful words in the English dictionary called attitude. Your attitude introduces you better to the world then words do. I’d like to share a very meaningful quote with you that I read once.

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you but by the attitude you bring to life, not so much by what happens to you but, by the way, your mind looks at what happens

Khalil Gibran 

This quote by Khalil Gibran presents the wisdom of life to me in such a personal way. I experience indescribable joy as I spend several minutes just pondering over the transformation power contained in these words. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Thank the people who have shaped your life. Remember their role in making you who you are. Thank nature with its vibrant colours and green carpet. It’s such uplifting feeling to see the spread of chlorophyll in the foliage of leaves and grass.

The delicate flowers with their sweet scent leave you enchanted. Nature’s abundance gets you connected to your source. You too have reserves of potential within you. If the world is full of magic so are you. That is the power of self-motivation.

Set milestones. Have a clear plan of the success you want to achieve in different areas of your life.

Divide your plan out into segments like the steps of a ladder. Keep small reminders of your goals in your room to consistently call your attention to the fact that your journey has just begun. Work on it daily and make it a rewarding one. Encircle important dates on your calendar. Write mottos on bookmarks that direct you like neon signs to your aims, dreams and aspirations.

Meet like-minded friends who support you. Share your vision and day to day progress in cultivating your higher self with your family members. They’ll always be there to boost you up. Their support and shared happiness will ensure you’ll never give up. You might develop some wonderful relationships of trust in the process.


Read books:

Sometimes the content of a book can carry self-motivation immense strength for you. You can relate it to the context of your life and find guidelines in solving your issues. The printed word is a powerful motivator if you can identify the message in it and apply it to your life.
Choose a role model. Having a role model would help you define the picture of a new you. You would always want to be as capable and worthy as your
 influencer. You would know the difficulties faced by your role model and how he overcame the same to be the person he is today. Let your role model work as a stimulator of senses for you to put you on the path to success. His intelligence, personal abilities and unique qualities will attract the ‘performer’ in you. The North Pole cannot get away from a magnet. The magnet finds it no matter what.
It is dedication and practice that makes a clever archer hit the mark skillfully. He is known for a consistent and continuous practice at improving his art.

Success is always connected with action.

  1. Carve goals for yourself.
  2. Start taking action on the goals.
  3. Be productive, not just busy.
  4. Make wise decisions.
  5. Don’t lose your final vision in the struggle to make things perfect.
  6. Learn to shed your comfort zone.
  7. Keep things simple.
  8. Make improvements step by step.
  9. Make measurable goals and track your progress.
  10. Learn from mistakes.
  11. Spend time with successful people who can inspire you.
  12. Learn to maintain balance in your life.
  13. Ready to make your flight.

Self -Motivation is the first step towards success so Be like the butterfly that sheds its cocoon from its newly winged body and flies away with many new and beautiful secrets to tell.


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