TOPPER: Training Ordinary People to Produce Extra-ordinary Results


TOPPER is purely an NGO project, which is about to be launched under Mission Attitude (MA)

Leadership essentially means effective and meaningful contribution in the lives of people. Eventually, all the eminent leaders of the world, as evinced by history and even the contemporary society, have not been academically brilliant. Rather, most of them actually came from remote backgrounds and, therefore, lacked the facilities and exposures otherwise available to the people of the urban world. Leadership is more about demonstrating a spirit of towering determination and resilience for a discernible cause or purpose, than merely scoring brilliant marks in an academic pursuit.

While most of the modern thinkers would not perhaps hesitate to admit this reality, it is unfortunate that we could do little in order to hone the leadership qualities in those who are not academically brilliant or are economically weak. The best of the colleges admit only the students who have secured high marks. . Consequently, the best of the jobs also go to even the best among them. If this goes on, we have set out to create an extremely polarized future society. Disparity in opportunities for personal growth and development at the grass-root level is not only a moral and social injustice; it is tantamount to sustaining a colossal waste of national talents.

We have all the appreciation and pride for our academically brilliant children. However, it is high time we also admitted the fact that the aspect of leadership, at its core, is independent and different from academics. Endless examples already exist, and more are being set almost every day, of people with high determination having summoned talent to trail them.

It is on this backdrop that this exclusive training school has been established. SEAL is determined to empower a host of reasonably educated youth of economically weaker backgrounds. The school will conduct a comprehensive training course to the selected group of participants to help them unleash their hidden talents and emerge with phenomenal self-confidence, determination, positive attitude and other behavioral skills in order to be entitled to handle crucial leadership positions in the world. This effective and research-based attitudinal training module specifically designed for leadership development of this target group is aimed at creating more socially responsible and empathetic band of leaders in the nation as well as society at large.

The objectives:

1. To offer a plausible opportunity to a host of otherwise potential students to become effective and socially significant leaders.
2. To beckon a legacy of equal opportunity through attitudinal training at the grass-root level.
3. To create awareness for building a society led by truly versatile leaders.

The course:

TOPPER emanates from a traditional program titled UXL. Since 1994, this powerful training course has been successfully conducted for large number of adults from different cross-section of practices. The beneficiaries of the program have recommended it as a highly effective training module on leadership and personal development. TOPPER will be conducted as a 30-day residential training course in batches of maximum 32 participants. Participants will essentially belong to the economically weaker background and will be selected through interview based on their leadership potential and level of commitment and determination to withstand the rigors of the highly demanding regimen of this training course.

TOPPER is an activity-based training workshop. Mr. Asit Ghosh has designed this comprehensive training module. He will personally conduct the initial batches and will be assisted by trained volunteers and some specialized faculties from different fields.

The contents:

The course is primarily aimed at bringing out the leadership potential lying dormant in the trainees. In addition, orientation on different practical aspects relating to career and business is also imparted. Special focus is laid on professional ethics, entrepreneurial skills and attitudes.

A general outline structure of the course schedule will be handed over in advance; but topics of the program are not pre-announced as a matter of essential psychological requirement of the training strategy.

This batch will be conducted in Hindi. Batches in English and Bengali will also be held.


The training comprises of a mix of most of the traditional, contemporary as well as latest methods, tools and techniques. On one hand, the course dwells on the Gurukul tradition of the age-old Indian education system, while on the other; inputs based on the latest research on western behavioral science are applied. The incumbents experience and imbibe a balanced principle-centered value-system, which is imperative for practicing their leadership roles in the global scenario.

The training systems include classroom lectures, live demos, presentations, games, outdoor activities, personal counseling, stage shows. Classes are held in a highly enthusiastic and positive environment and participants remain involved throughout the program. NLP, EFT, Emotional Intelligence, Auto Suggestion, Sensory Cataloging, Conscious Catharsis and Human Relation Groups are incorporated in the training process. Awards and prizes are given to the participants for their achievements and accomplishments. These apart, weekly breaks, sight seeing and pleasant celebrations will be included in the regimen.

Rules and discipline:

Thorough discipline constitutes the basic framework of this course. Enrolments are subject to a written undertaking to follow the rules and physical and mental fitness. The rules primarily include following the time-schedules, full attendence, practicing and presenting the class lessons regularly. The participants are not allowed to leave campus without the permission of the chief instructor. Eating outside food, smoking, drinking, chewing of tobacco or using any other item of intoxication are strictly prohibited. Specially trained volunteers supervise the prescribed disciplinary functions. Any violation of rules will cause immediate removal of the participant from the training set-up and he will be sent back. Extreme indiscipline or any unlawful activity will compel the organizers to take suitable action against the participant.

A panel including doctor, lawyer, counselor, trainers and security personnel is appointed for selection of candidates. This group under the chief instructor will also form the disciplinary committee.
The course demands that the candidates work under tough conditions. However, normal stay and simple nutritious food will be given. A doctor will be on duty in the campus.

The Venue:

The course will be conducted in a beautiful serene village called Daronda, which is situated in the Birbhum district at a distance of about 120 Km north of Kolkata, West Bengal. Apart from its original beauty, Daronda bears a special significance of being located in the lap of Shantiniketan, the holy abode of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Another Nobel Laureate Mr. Amartya Sen also has his ancestral home at Shantiniketan. Tagore’s ashram at Shantiniketan is a part of the Vishwabharati University where thousands of students come to study from different parts of the world. The university has a traditional school, colleges, Kala Bhawan with open-air classroom system prescribed by Tagore. Walking through the lonely reddish tracks, the bank of Kopai, the beautiful tribal villages of the innocent Santhals and the folk songs of the Bauls {a spiritual community who prays by singing) leaves nostalgic memories that have always haunted a tourist who has experienced it once. The district of Birbhum itself is known as a Shakti-Peeth.It has a number of temples of Goddess Kali and other deities of Devi Durga.

The training will be held in a reasonably comfortable resort in Daronda, where the trainees will share two/three bedded cottages. Separate stay will be arranged for the girl students. The resort has rural-style classrooms and a dining hall. Daronda has exclusive scenic beauty and is surrounded by forestlands and tribal villages. The venue is simply unique and exclusive. It is also apt for the nature of the program and its goals. Daronda is accessible from Durgapur railway station on Delhi- Kolkata or Mumbai-Kolkata routes. Its distance is 40 Km from Durgapur and it takes about an hour by the local buses. Taxies are also available from Durgapur. One can also reach Daronda from Kolkata or North Bengal or Assam etc via Bolepur/Shantiniketran railway station, from where it is only about 12 Kms. The students who join our course will be received by us at the nearest arrival station and be escorted to the venue.

Daronda is the working headquarters of ARATI. Plans for building proper infrastructure at Daronda for running a host of other developmental activities of the trust is on the anvil.

Participants should preferably be graduates. However, the qualification can be considered in exceptional cases where the participants have other potential traits for being trained as a leader.
He should have the basic traits of determination, hard work, and willingness to learn and grow in life.
Proper evidence of economically weak background is essential.

Enrolment and registration:

1. The course will be advertised through e-mail and other media. Only recommendations from reliable sources, which conform to the eligibility criteria specified in this literature, will be entertained.
2. The course is free for the participants. The individual course fee of Rs.35000/- is sponsored through donations. This includes stay, food, cost of equipment, accessories, stationeries, training and promotional materials, and honorarium to visiting faculties, human resource, travel, and agency commissions. Proceeds, if any, will be spent for trust activities.
3. Each participant will fill up a detailed questionnaire and sign a written contract with ARATI before joining the batch. No travel expenses will be given for arriving at or departure from the course venue or appearing in the interviews. Arrangements will be made to receive or see off the participants from and to the nearest railway stations.
4. Only those short listed candidates who pass the interview of the selection panel will be registered.
5. Each candidate has to be recommended by two responsible people who certify their backgrounds and confirm that they will not voluntarily withdraw from training once admitted.
6. Minimum 20 and maximum 40 participants will be enrolled.


A proper graduation ceremony is held at the end of the training. The successful graduates confidently deliver public presentations in front of an invited gathering. They receive their certificates from an honorable dignitary specially invited for this exclusive event.

Course schedule:

The first batch of TOPPER will be announced soon.

Course benefits:

The successful participants are expected to return with the following gains and more:
1. Mental alertness
2. Solid determination
3. Phenomenal self-confidence
4. Positive mental attitude
5. Goal and result oriented mind-set
6. Personal effectiveness
7. Creative excellence
8. Sharp memory
9. Self esteem
10. Self discipline
11. Empathy and cooperation
12. Time management
13. Effective communication
14. Leadership
15. Assertiveness and self-esteem
16. Values of self-restrain and service
17. Faith free from superstition, fear and prejudices.
18. Public speaking

In addition to the above traits, the trainees are given useful tips on general wellness, yoga, meditation, nutritional values, self-help, anatomy and physiology, financial discipline, sales and marketing, body language, facing interviews, group discussions, entrepreneurship, career tips, social service, general management and professionalism.

Alumni activities:

Successful graduates will be life members of the alumni body and take part in a number of social projects, symposia and conventions at the national and international levels.


Enquiries and all communications regarding the course including registration, recommendation, engagement of volunteers, sponsorships and donations etc can be addressed to any of the following authorized representatives of ARATI:

1. Mr. Asit Ghosh, BMS, 10, Plaza Cinema Building, Connaught Circus, New Delhi 110001, e-mail ; phone: +91 9811771464

2. Dr. Shabnam Johry, 38A, Pocket B, Ashok Vihar, Phase II, Delhi 110052, email phone: +91 9811771463

About the trainer: Details will be given on request