Transformation: A New Humble Me


Through 3 decades of my training, coaching and learning, I have found out some hard facts on what most people (like you and me) need and want in their lives. What they need are:

  1. Excitement of living
  2. Freedom to explore the best gifts of life
  3. To give and receive love and friendship
  4. To have self-worth and esteem
  5. To learn, grow and actualize their potential

It is very interesting, however, that they remain busy earning money, setting goals, working hard, making others happy actually forgetting the above most important things. Resultantly, they end up wasting most of their times in activities which are not directly related to their real needs.

In spite of being in training widely for a long time and working with thousands of people at various levels, I myself remained a silent victim of the above mediocrity. How I knew everything would change drastically and radically.

I want to share how this transformation took place.

I lost my mother on 29 may 2015. Eventually, she was the only person in my life and we shared a room in a senior citizen home in Delhi. My mother’s last days were far from easy. She suffered from severe depression and loneliness. My relationship with her was not at all pleasant in course of her last days but both of us silently prayed that we may try to understand and support each other as far as possible. Both of us were kind of sailing in the same boat. My mother would sometime say, “I know I am your main problem. You are blocked due to me. If I go away you would be free.”

When she died, I cried like a child. She was 84 but she was sturdy, mobile and physically alright. I regretted for I couldn’t take a better care of her and failed to make her last days more pleasant. How I knew, I was awaiting a radical transformation soon.

In a few days, I started feeling that ma is in a beautiful place and she is smiling from there – a smile that I hardly saw on her face for a long time. Through that smile she is saying something to me. “I always felt proud of you. I know how honest you are. I know your talents, your worth, your tasks and your noble dreams. I also know your relentless sufferings, pains and struggles. I have set you free now. Go all out to explore all you need to do. Don’t worry of anything. I have not left you, son! I have liberated you. Everything happens for a greater reason. See my departure from this earthly sojourn in a new light. Now our relationship will become truly unconditional – without any material attachments – without any strings attached. Time has come to acclaim all your rewards that you so definitely deserve.”

Only a heartless person will write lies about his mother. All I wrote are exactly what I felt. Everything changed in my life since that point. I was filled with new energy, newer resolves, new confidence, new creativity and will power. I wake up early and walk about 4 miles every day. I am almost thoughtless when I walk. Would you believe my mother is always with me with that same smiling face repeating the above words? It’s true. I never imagined that I can be rejuvenated in this way. It’s a miracle.

The moment this began, I started reaching out to a few very strange books. All the books not only helped open new doors of knowledge, ideas, convictions, but also set forth a new purpose and excitement in me. It changed a host of age-old paradigms and created new ones. I derived a few new concepts and designed a few outstanding programs, which are so revolutionary that those can change the conventional ways and wreak a brand new inspiration in the lives of my fellow men.

I recently read a life changing book which categorically convinced me that I can be actually more productive, creative, popular, rich and above all much happier in life by working only 4 hours a WEEK (You sure don’t believe such a thing is possible, right? Even I didn’t; but now I do). This path-breaking realization inspired me to radically change many of my earlier ways of life. As a result, life is indeed quite different now. I am feeling that I am about to making overwhelming contributions and the world is going to see a new me in the very near future.

One of the most crucial decisions that I have taken is to collaborate with a very progressive multinational business house. The company has 17 years of profitable standing, excellent products and most important an exciting business plan that made me really enthusiastic in becoming its part. This decision is most likely to yield huge income (both direct and passive).

People who have known me as trainees, friends and business associates would most certainly blink when they come to know of this new me with money-pursuit – because my image through the last thirty years has been to the contrary. They might ask or discreetly discuss why Asit has suddenly become so desperate.

I know I am not desperate. All this are due to this unprecedented transformation. I am not a fatalist – so I won’t call this fat or luck. I believe in destiny – the one we create and deserve. So, I know I deserved it. The best prizes are surprises – so I welcome this change and want to herald it to its culmination which may be Alice-in-wonderland kind. While on one hand I am serenely relishing this radical change of mine, on the other side, being an NLP practitioner and coach, I am awestruck by this change and am keenly studying my own transformation process.

It may be interesting to share my latest story with other sensitive and eager professionals and friends who would understand and reflect on this apart from understanding my kind.


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Shippu Puri says a couple of years ago

I loved this post Asit.. Its very touchy. Indeed I m handling some phases of life closely with my mother in law, in the early phases of my married life, we lost our family head in last November 2014.

Because this time my family needs support n stand by in person which is best investment in life to be with the person in need in old age with love n caring. Hope I can contribute my best to her and my other family members also.


Sukwinder says a couple of years ago

Asit, the way you poured out your relationship with your mother which caused this transformation, really touched my heart. Tears were rolling down on my cheeks while reading.

This piece of your transformation has given me sense of inspiration.

The crux of fulfilled life, jotted down by you as hard facts about what we need and want in life, is really a gift for me. I will surely contemplate on these five points and practice to apply in my life. Thanks Asit for sharing this post.

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