"Thank you very much sir for showing me the positive side of being a young business owner and converting my roadblock into building block." - Nishit (Start-up Entrepreneur)

Coaching angle:

Don’t you know your circumstances

Well, isn’t it just a thought buddy? And you know it’s not your thought. If it is a thought of weakness, ineligibility or insolvency, you don’t want to buy that, right? So, you have a choice – to pick it up as it is or deal with it positively – being its victim or being a learner.

Tell me which one you prefer? I mean, which one will help you achieve what you want. If you pick it up as it is, you’d oblige the original initiator of the thought to attain the consequence they desired from it. Good that you don’t want that to happen.

Now, how can you use that thought to initiate a new thought which can yield the consequence you intend? So, think what can you do to turn a thought of criticism to a thought of compliment – from the perspective of losing to that of winning?

Do you remember any young history-maker in sports or war who seemed too young at the start up but proved themselves as heroes?

Did you say, Sachin Tendulkar?


Here’s an opportunity for you to repeat the history.

Can you not look at being youthful as a compliment?

Of course, you can!

And if you do, won’t you go right up to your friend and thank them for complimenting you?

Asit Ghosh
Success Leadership Coach