(How I made profit from my losses in the first 40 years of life)


– Asit Ghosh

My name is Asit Ghosh. As an Inspirational speaker, Trainer, Success Leadership Coach I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people from almost all walks of life to live a richer and fuller life through the last 25 years.

But, you know something; life wasn’t EASY for me for the first 40 years. I worked in senior positions in a few leading multinational and Indian company but was not happy. Something was MISSING in my life and I wondered what.

I changed jobs and places to look for a better environment but it was all kind of from FIRE TO THE FRYING PAN. At 42 years of age, I was quite frustrated and confused.

It was right then I joined a personal development training course under a robust mentor.  When I completed the training, it was a kind of REBIRTH and I was enriched with HIGH ENERGY decided to give my life another chance.

I began to take control and started experiencing radical transformations every day in day out. That’s not all; I was rejuvenated with a fresh deal of super-excitement, confidence and will-power. I’d no doubt then that my days of mediocrity was over and I would do extra-ordinary things in times to come.

I gave up my job of a Trade & Investment Advisor in the British High commission and started my freelance training career with almost no capital.

Let me pause here and ask you all, who do you think is the greatest teacher in life? Let me tell you – it is LIFE! Not father, mother, teachers and professors in the school colleges – not even the spiritual masters or gurus. LIFE TEACHES YOU THE REAL FIRSTHAND LESSONS.

Yes, those are accurate, unfailing and evergreen lessons. If you live by those lessons you will be in full control of all your circumstances. Yes, in my case also my close ones, friends and relatives could never imagine how I was to be transformed to live the life of my own choice and worth.

I want to share those firsthand secrets with you today. But, before i do that I must let you know another very important lesson that followed my own learning. This was the most essential part of my transformation.

You know what; as I began working with people, I soon found out that the reasons which held me back in my life during the first 40 years were the very reasons that hold most, if not all, people from accomplishing their dreams and desires.

This was kind of a compounding learning for me.  It was phenomenal for without this, I wouldn’t be able to convert my own transformation to my purpose and mission. Are you able to see how it was a complete thing?

First, I learnt my own areas of improvement and then I made that learning the central content of my profession and business.  What helped me personally came to be my central resource to help others.

Whatever accolades, honor and success I’ve achieved in life was due to my ability to awaken and empower people to realize those stumbling blocks that had held me for the first 40 years of my life.

Hello! Are you guys enough curious to know what are these universal stumbling blocks that impoverish the most talented people and hold them from achieving their desired success? It is these very traits due to which most people exist on this earth with so many of their unfulfilled dreams.

You know; there are primarily only 3 traits of human behaviors which most people lack and therefore live an unhappy, incomplete and even unsuccessful life.

On the other hand, those rare men and women who are known as HISTORY-MAKERS and attained enormous glory, name and fame actually lived by these 3 profound qualities.

I describe these prime characteristics as 3 Cs.

These are:

  1. Concentration,
  2. Consistency, &
  3. Commitment

These 3 values seem quite alike. But they are far from identical. Yes, they are quite close to each other but they are not the same. However, as they are quite akin to each other they are quite prone to be quickly integrated. In fact, they are great friends and love to be hosted together. Let me take them up one by one.

The first one is CONCENTRATION. The term CONCENTRATION is also referred as ‘focus’ or ‘attention’. It is the first essential trait of all worthy and meaningful people on earth. When you give full attention to something you not only obtain comprehensive information about that matter but are also likely to awaken your intelligence, interest and initiative to deal with it.

However, human mind, as the psychologists say, is like a ‘wild monkey’. It is characteristically restless. This is why the attention tends to get diverted often. Whether a student or adult, we often cut a sorry figure for not being able to afford our constant attention on anything long enough.

The second important trait is CONSISTENCY. Lack of this important faculty has destroyed the future of so many talented people on this earth. I say, CONCENTRATION + PERSEVERENCE = CONSISTENCY.

While concentration is a behavioral trait, CONSISTENCY is a matter of Attitude. You need to develop this as a habit. However, unless you are personally awakened and inspired with a missionary zeal, it is very difficult to imbibe this trait.


When you have developed your power of CONCENTRATION supported by a CONSISTENT Attitude, then you got to COMMIT yourself to your ultimate purpose, task or goal.

I find this powerful and popular quote about COMMITMENT most inspiring. This quotation was written by none other than the GREAT INDIAN SAINT AND YOUTH LEADER Swami Vivekananda. He wrote these words to arouse the youth of our country: “ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT UNTILL THE GOAL IS REACHED.”

Commitment is not just a matter of being involved for it implies much more a tooth-grinding determination of constantly sticking by and not quitting at any cost whatsoever. It is a Do or Die thing. Lord Tennyson expressed this premium characteristic in his eminent poetry;

In Charge of the Light Brigade: Theirs not to make reply… Theirs not reason why… Theirs but to do and die.

So here you are! What do you feel about your life? Check up all your accomplishments of the past – mind you, I’m not talking about your achievements. I’m talking about your ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Not the ones that happened by chance but the ones which you had discerned – you had to toil and set your goals for!

Don’t you think those ACCOMPLISHMENTS were but the results of the 3Cs?

Also check, what is your own level of each of these 3C factors? Grade them realistically on the scale where ‘Zero’ is the lowest and ‘Ten’ is the highest.

Now FEEL realistically again how will your life be if each of these three factors were much higher, more intense and deep in you? Isn’t it true in that case, that you shall achieve heroic results and attain outstanding and formidable feats in your life?

As for me, I’ve a mission and developed a sure-fire strategic plan to help my clients set a few HIGH GOALS and ensure that those are accomplished in JUST 14 WEEKS. My Coaching plan has psychologically proven daily empowerments of ONLY a few minutes backed up by a solid ONE-ON-ONE ONLINE COACHING once every week for 14 WEEKS.

You would BID FAREWELL to your age-old PROCRASTINATIONS, cast a DEATHBLOW to your SLUGGISHNESS and GET RID OF that stubborn disease of EXCUSITIS and COMPLACENTITIS for which there’s no treatment in the medical world.

Finally, let me share one of my very favorite quotes by Sir Winston Churchill. It goes like this:

“To everyman there comes in his life-time that special moment when he is tapped on his shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing. What a tragedy, that moment finds him unprepared and unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour.”

Yes folks, THIS MOMENT can indeed be YOUR FINEST HOUR for mind you, there’s no assurance of a TOMORROW.

I wish you a wonderful life full of success, joy and happiness.


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