When Your Identity Is Integrated

When Your Identity Is Integrated!


You are an integrated whole being. It is not necessary that you realise it right now, but you indeed are.

In fact, actualising this realm happens to be the essence of all our functions on earth. The very reason why we don’t realise this is why we feel so much incomplete, impoverished. Our initiatives to learn more, attend talks, gain skills have in its core this very impending realisation. The moment we achieve this exalted perspective, our constant urge to integrate ourselves turns out to become a conscious exercise. Consequently, our vibrational frequencies change making our life more meaningful and exciting.

Another important thing happens then – we refine our genuine and purposeful goals, give up the more mundane ones and acquire a few more worthy ones immediately. While all this are inevitable outcomes of this profound transformation the most valuable fact is that we begin our conscious journey to discover the essence of our wholesome integrated identity. I don’t personally like this word identity much. I am mentioning this only to help the process of our understanding of this subtle truth. Identity tends to denote the standing and static image about a human being while we are in our essence BEINGS in that a fleeting and dynamic entity. Eric Fromm had so wonderfully explained it, when he said, ‘Birth is not an act, its a process.’ Michael Brown and Echart Tolle have more recently mentioned it as PRESENCE.

The most vital ramifications of the above is that attaining this realisation or discovering this beautiful journey makes us complete insofar as this is when we reach the junction point where who we are and what we aspire seemingly mingle as an inseparable one. This is when it ceases to remain a state of mind. It’s ultimate, final, complete for now it boards the vehicle of eternity.