While You Are Lonely, Change Your Feelings To Only


Yesterday, I had to stand alone at a place helplessly. I was waiting for Jagadish, who stays with me and had our only home-key. We went to join a significant world-event together. However, I chose to be an onlooker and waited at the venue while Jagadish went away to take active part in the event. In the excitement and uproar I forgot to ascertain whether he should come back to meet me where I waited or directly go home. I feared if I left for home without waiting for him, I might have to sit on the stair case of our first-floor home till midnight. To make the matter worse, both mine and Jagadish’s mobile phones stopped working – both were out of charge. It was for a steaming 3 hours that I had to be stranded at a place where there was no sitting arrangement even. I cursed and blamed myself for making a wrong decision and messing up my life. I confess I felt horrible. However, I soon remembered some of my wonderful learnings from my great masters:
1. Be in the present moment
2. Don’t ever be a victim of a situation, rather be a learner.

I became silent and started praying. I felt the deep compassion of my divine Gurudev Paramahansa Yoganandaji and remembered how he has been beckoning me through my deepest trouble. I felt a deep voice within my heart as if my Guru was saying: ‘this is the time when you must try your faith on me and be more convinced on my promise’. After 3 hours, I unwittingly started walking alone through the dark roads in Gurgaon. I managed to get a share-tempo to reach Hudco City Centre, the Metro turminus. After waiting for quite a long time amidst huge rush, the train arrived. No sooner had I moved for boarding the compartment right in front of me than I heard a very familiar and affectionate voice right from behind: “Sir, sir! Give me your bag.” It was Jagadish. He was pulling my bag from behind my back – a thing he always does. He would always carry my bags whenever we travel together – a kind gesture to help an elderly person to relieve him from his loads. I saw his ever smiling face and my eyes were instantly soaked. Mixed with my gratitude for Jagadish, I felt my Gurudev’s witty smiling face peeping out from heart.

We went to take part in the ‘Wings for Life World Run’. As another friend of ours, Neeraj Sharma, had to cancel his participation, our office assistant – the young sporty Jagadish had almost jumped at the opportunity to fill up the blank and run in Neeraj’s place. You got to be a rural boy of suberban Bengal to know how the spirit of robust football ran in the blood of young folks – a thing almost incomprehensible for his urban counterpart. Jagadish’s modest remuneration won’t otherwise permit him the luxury of buying a ticket worth Rs 1000/- to join this august event. I came back after 200 meters but Jagadish ran his robust 14 kms track before he realised it was too late. He turned back remembering the hard fact that he had our common home-key and that his Sir will be stranded. He instantly sacrificed the run and did everything to rush back to the metro station.
Jagadish has been working with me since 2008. He’s from Santiniketan, West Bengal – the place of Rabindranath Tagore where I stayed for 5 years. He comes from a financially backward family and had offered to work without money. Since then he followed me like my shadow. I still remember how he would place a towel on his bi-cycle career to proudly give me a pillion-ride through the streets and lanes of Santiniketan only to save my costs. He would wait in the main road with his torch to guide me back home through the lonely village lanes whenever I returned from Kolkata by the night trains after my evening classes. He never made me feel alone or lonely and showered his unconditional love for me. He still maintains that order being called upon to help me in Delhi. I read somewhere a few meaningful realtionships do thrive beyond the four walls and often under the blue roofs.

It was another thing that we were to meet so strangely amidst such a vast crowd right in front of the very compartment in the same train at the same time. With this real life story of yesterday, I leave it to you to figure out the treasures I earned and the wealth I learned from my loneliness yesterday.