Asit Ghosh

June 22, 2017

It’s a story that you and I heard long ago. But, you know something it’s not an old story.

How can a story which is glaringly valid and relevant today be called an old story?

It’s the story of that lion-calf who lost its way and landed in the society of sheep’s. He was brought up there and lived the way of the sheep lived.

One day, this flock of sheep was chased by a giant lion. All the sheep ran to save their life and among them was this lion, now grown up as a youth.

The giant lion let the sheep go and got hold of the young lion. The poor young lion meekly looks at the giant knowing his days are over. But the giant lion says, “Don’t look at me like a sheep, you are a lion.”

The young lion thought that the King of the Forest also has a sense of humor. So, it replies, “I’m a sheep, I know you are about to kill me.”

“No”, replies the giant, “I’m not here to kill you; lions don’t eat lions.”
The shocked young lion helplessly asks, “What do want from me, if you don’t want to kill me?”

“I’m the messenger of the king and I’m here to make you realize who you are and take you back to your own kingdom, the kingdom of lions.”
“Why are you kidding? I know I’m a sheep. I’m going to be here living like a sheep and may be killed by another lion even if you spare my life today. That’s my fate.”

“No, that’s not your fate. If you were a sheep I’d have killed you by now. Look, don’t be afraid of me. I’m like your elder brother. You better sit down and listen to me.”

The bewildered young lion waited and the giant continues:

“My king has asked me to teach 5 important lessons that you need to learn:

You have chosen to live this mean life because you are not aware of who you really are.

You are a victim of fear because you have chosen the rules of the weaklings.

You will roar with Freedom the moment you choose to shun away this false and misconceived identity of yours and recognize your real picture.

Hey! You have rendered your vision corrupted to believe that you belong to the order of sheep. That’s your illusion. I’ll help you to get over this illusion and that’s why the King sent me to you as his ambassador.

How long will you live in this poor and weak society of the sheep? Come, the kingdom of lions, which is your own kingdom is waiting to welcome you.”

The giant then asks the young lion to accompany him to the adjacent lake to drink water. As both of them stood beside and saw their reflection in the water of the lake, the young lion was shocked to discover that he was alike the elder lion.

The giant then asked his young partner to do exactly like him for a couple of times and started roaring.

The young lion also heard himself roaring like him. He then shook away his age-old bondage of pseudo fear to set himself free and returned to the kingdom of lions.

Hey guys! Is it a story of the lion and the sheep? Or is it a true story of our own life.

The society of Lions is the kingdom of God. And the society of sheep is this elusive order of the so called human society which men have created by way of their forgetful knowledge of truth.

What is the knowledge of Truth?

The Veda preaches us:


The beliefs are not knowledge. When we consider our beliefs to be the knowledge that exactly is a sign of illusion.

The messengers of the King are the Holi Angels, the masters and messiahs like Sankara, Budddha, Christ, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Zoroastrian and many more who have repeatedly come to awaken you to recognize your real self and own your real kingdom.

So, obtain your passport to The Kingdom of God.

Wish you a safe journey back home…